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5 Tips to Better Recycling in 2021

Do you want to recycle better in 2021? Perhaps your goal is to live sustainably, shift to 100% reusable, and recyclable materials. Making a positive change in how you recycle is one of the best new year resolutions you can set. You should adopt better and innovative ways of recycling your garbage because it helps cut costs on recycling, saves the landfill from contaminated recyclables, protects workers at the material recovery facility, and helps prevent potential hazards like fires from happening.  At American Reclamation, we are passionate about all aspects of recycling, and we’ve together five tips to better recycling in 2021. 

Create recycling goals.

Intentional and impactful recycling starts with goals. Make it a plan to recycle better in 2021. And to set your recycling goals, it is vital to understand why you want to recycle. Your recycling goals can be to learn more about recycling, get more reusable items, reduce the amounts of trash, get a recycling cart, and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Also, your goal can be to promote the recycling industry by buying recycled products. 

These recycling plans and goals will help you reduce waste, finding alternative, sustainable and green products.

Take action to your recycling goals.

To recycle better, you will need to take action and work on your recycling goals. Implement the things you learn about recycling. For example, ensure that you always sort all your recyclables and ensure that they are clean before throwing them in the bin. Before you toss that food packaging material in the recycling bin, ensure that it is free from grease, food residue, and water. If your goal is to use more recyclable or biodegradable products, then you can take action and say no to non-recyclable items.  

Please make an effort to check the types of recyclables accepted locally in your municipality, know the days they haul recyclable trash or find a nearby MRF.

tips to better recycling in 2021

Teach your household members how to recycle better.

Recycling starts with an individual, and involving your household members in the recycling can help you recycle better. Teach your family members how to use and what to throw into the recycling bin. You can help each other with accountability and focus on recycling more in your household. 

Place a recycling cart on the curbside.

What happens when you don’t have a recycling bin on the curbside? You will probably end up mixing acceptable recyclables with other non-recyclable garbage. Contaminated recyclables are as useless as non-recyclable material. Ensure that you get a recycling bin to put all the recyclable materials and separate them from the rest of your household trash. Go the extra mile to place a recycling cart close to the source. The kitchen, for example, is one of the significant sources of waste in a home. Place a recycling bin in your kitchen to have easy access to the cart where you can place your recyclables. 

Check with your local waste management, drop off programs, or nearest material recovery facility to provide you with a recycling container. 

Better Cycling in 2021: Be smart when tossing your recyclables.

Another way to recycle better in 2021 is to be smart when disposing of your recyclables. Keep e-waste away from your recycling bin, empty and dry your recyclable material, sort out items like packaging plastic bags, and return them to the grocery store for recycling and avoid bagging your recyclable garbage. When you dispose of recyclables the right way, you guarantee clean materials and make the recycling facility work less of a hassle.

Are you looking for the nearest material recovery facility for your recyclables? American Reclamation is a leader in residential and commercial recycling. Contact us today


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5 Reasons to Recycle your Carpet

Do you want to ditch the old carpeting for a new one? Carpets make our house interiors, offices, and even car interiors super cozy and bring out the perfect design to your home. However, we use these carpets without much thought on how they are manufactured and how you can discard the worn-out carpet. If you are a sustainability steward-whether at home or in workplaces and business, then you might want to consider recycle your carpeting in Los Angeles.

There are affordable carpet recycling facilities like the American Reclamation that offer carpet recycling services in Los Angeles. As the premier carpet and foam padding recycling facility with CARE’s support (Carpet America Recovery Effort), you can drop off your old carpeting at our facility at competitive rates. Alternatively, we can provide a temporary dumpster and pick up services for your residential carpets.

Should you recycle your carpeting? Below are five reasons to recycle your carpeting in Los Angeles.

Recycling your carpeting is cost-effective.

Dumping your carpeting at a local landfill may sound like an easy way to dispose of your waste carpets. However, it will cost you more time and money to remove and toss it away at a landfill, especially if you live in Los Angeles, where landfill space is expensive. 

Working with a certified carpet recycling facility is cost-effective, and you will have a team of professionals to handle all the leg work for you. What’s more, carpet recycling rates remain competitively low, so it is more practical for homeowners and businesses to recycle.

recycle your carpeting in los angeles

When you recycle your carpeting, you protect the environment.

Needlessly filling up the landfills with old carpeting is hazardous to our environment. Statistics show that Americans dump over 3.9 million tons of carpeting each year. And despite the majority of carpet components being recyclable, only five percent of waste carpets get recycled. The larger portion of the waste carpets at the landfill emits dangerous greenhouse gases, and those that end in the waste-to-energy facilities consume more energy, which is costly. 

When you recycle your carpeting, you help reduce the amounts of waste carpets and rugs that end up in the landfills. And ultimately reduce the emission of hazardous greenhouse gas to the environment and also save energy. 

You help your city achieve its carpet recycling goals.

Many states and cities have carpet recycling goals to achieve. California, for example, has carpet recycling laws to help achieve these goals. The main reason for enacting such laws is to increase the recovery and diversion of carpeting material into useful products. 

When you recycle your carpeting, you help your city achieve its carpet reclamation goals. Also, you can earn incentives and rewards like LEED if you are a business for recycling carpets.  

It preserves natural resources.

Recycling a post-consumer carpet helps generate raw materials like fiber and plastic pellets that can manufacture new rugs, automobile products, carpet cushions, plastic lumber, carpet tiles, and so much more. Producing these products using recycled carpeting preserves the natural resources from depletion.

Recycling your carpeting in Los Angeles helps hold manufacturers responsible.

Another critical reason to recycle your carpeting is that you will help hold carpet manufacturers responsible. Did you know that some carpeting manufacturers have take-back programs? You can take back old carpets and rugs to your manufacturer for recycling. They must adhere to state laws on carpet recycling. 

Additionally, choosing to recycle your carpeting in Los Angeles boosts the economy as it creates more jobs and guarantees affordable and quality products. 

Are you looking for a carpet recycling facility in Los Angeles? American Reclamation uses innovative strategies to offer competitive carpet recycling services in Los Angeles. Whether you are a business, institution, or homeowner looking for professional services, we’ve got your back. Contact us!