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6 Spring Cleaning Tips in Los Angeles

Your Los Angeles Spring Cleaning Tips

Does the spring season gives you the house decluttering and cleaning vibe? You are not alone! According to a survey by the Cleaning Institute, spring cleaning is like an annual ritual for over 76% of the American population. After the cold months, it is time to thaw, put away the heavy clothing, winter boots and bring out the lawnmowers, sporting gear, and get ready for the warm weather plus blooming flowers. Whether this is your first spring cleaning or you do it every year, sometimes it can be a bit intimidating. Spring cleaning is not only about moping and dusting every nook and cranny; It can be purging, renovating, and disposing of heaps of house junk. Below are our best spring cleaning tips to make your house spick and span for the rest of the year.

1. Plan your spring cleaning

Planning your spring cleaning is crucial if you want to achieve a pristine home. Carefully strategize how you are going to execute your cleanout project. First, identify and note the spots around your house that need deep cleaning, like the kitchen, bathroom, storage, garage, master bedroom, and closets. If those rooms can generate a lot of trash, you will want to include a trash disposal plan. 

Spring is the right time to do renovations, so check if you need to update some of the rooms in your home and plan for the same. 

Write down the cleaning and dusting supplies you will need and create a budget. Additionally, consider if you will need an extra hand to help. Your family members can help if most of the cleaning entails DIYs. If you don’t have the right tools to do the spring cleaning efficiently, then hiring a cleaning professional is the best way. 

2. Start with the interior declutter

Start your spring cleaning with your house interiors. Thanks to the shelter-in-place order, we are always home more than any other place. And that means a deep house cleanout once in a while is indispensable. Start cleaning and dusting the interior spaces one room at a time. You can start with the bigger rooms and storage areas that tend to host more clutter. Dispose of as many household items as possible and reclaim your space. Remove grease and stains on your walls, doors, windows, cabinets, etc. 

Brighten the interiors with a new touch-up of paint and fix the lighting and any leaking pipes. 

3. Spend time in your garage and storage area

Move to the garage and storage areas and do a deep spring cleaning because these areas often remain untouched for months and even years. Arm yourself with water buckets, detergents, brushes, and maybe a dumpster, and get rid of outdated and overstocked items in your storage. Deep clean the garage while bringing out your A-game in organizing the room.

los angeles spring cleaning tips

4. Clean the windows

Windows are your home’s statements, and giving them a sparkling spring cleaning gives the impression of a clean household. Get rid of dust, gunk, and grime on your window sills. Thoroughly clean your windows to allow more functionality, light, and air into your rooms and make your home look new. A quick home hack of vinegar and water can give you a cleaning solution for the windows.

5. Renovate and clean the porch and patio area

Spring is the time to remove your outdoor furniture. But before that, you need to clean up your porch and patio area. Renovate your patio and give it a nice look, ready for spring’s get-together with family and friends. You can involve a contractor to redesign your porch or deck if necessary. Check if you need to replace the patio furniture.

6. Clean up the yard

For the yard area, ensure that you trim and collect tree stumps, branches, and leaves. Bushes around your home and overhanging tree branches can be a haven for pests. Dispose of overhanging and dead branches within your property to eliminate pests.

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