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Guide to DIY Remodeling in Los Angeles

Are you a handy person and excellent at fixing stuff around the house? Perhaps you plan to execute a DIY remodeling in Los Angeles soon? Taking part in shaping your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, or even the attic can be rewarding. But when you live on a hilly side in Los Angeles—because why not have a view?—a little extra planning, strategy, and details will help you achieve your remodeling goals.

Doing small home makeovers like installing new pieces of artwork, adding new furniture or new appliance requires little effort, your skills, and handy tools. However, dipping your toes in bigger remodeling waters as a DIY-er can be intimidating.

Before you start shaping up your dream space, here is our guide to remodeling in Los Angeles. We share the dos before you take things down to the studs. 

1. Evaluate your DIY remodeling project.

Before you go on a shopping expedition for your renovation materials, the most crucial part is to evaluate your remodeling project. What is the objective of your DIY remodeling project? Is it a small or a large-scale home improvement job? DIY remodeling jobs don’t mean a whole one-person show; at some point, you may need to contact a specialist to help you. Also, evaluate the time frame of your project. This will help you create an achievable remodeling goal. If you are not sure about some aspects of your remodeling like lighting installation or require an extensive skill set, it is best to consult before working on it. 

Evaluating your DIY remodeling in Los Angeles ensures you are not taking on more work than you can handle. The last thing you need is a gutting renovation outcome. 

2. Create a remodeling plan

You already have your inspirational board for your home remodeling job. The most pivotal part of it all is to have a remodeling plan. It is vital to factor in the costs, materials, time, and the team you will need for your remodel. 

Create a budget plan, whether it is a small project like fixing the gutters or a kitchen renovation. 

You can use online tools like the remodeling calculator to create a rough estimate for your project. Having an accurate remodeling budget is crucial, whether it is DIY or not. 

As you create your remodeling plan, it is also crucial to consider the local codes and ethos before starting on a remodel. For instance, California has Title 24, which requires that you consider energy efficiency when building a new or renovating an existing house. 

3. Start small

Are you ready to take your DIY remodeling off the ground? Starting small can be the best way to set traction for even bigger DIY renovation jobs. Start with areas that require less labor and that are easy to do. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you can start by sprucing up the kitchen and tossing away clutter in the kitchen. This will motivate you to begin fixing your kitchen. Remember to celebrate each milestone you achieve as you work on your renovation.  

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4. Bring a professional onboard for your Remodeling Project in Los Angeles

A do-it-yourself remodeling project is always exciting because you are in charge of shaping your home. However, it doesn’t mean that you go all-in by yourself. Bringing in a professional is something you need to consider. You may need to work with a plumber, an electrical specialist, or a debris removal specialist. A simple thing as bringing an dumpster rental specialist to help you remove debris can make a fundamental difference. After all, a less stressful working environment can boost your productivity and motivate you to focus on your DIY.

5. Explore ways to save on DIY remodeling in Los Angeles

DIY remodeling is an endeavor that can help you save money. You can reuse materials and wait for discounted offers to shop for materials. Additionally, you can enlist help from your family and friends. Another way to save money on a DIY remodel is to rent a dumpster for the debris.