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Recycling in Hollywood

Recycling in Hollywood: A Complete Guide to Effective Recycling

Do you recycle garbage? Recycling in Hollywood is an excellent recipe for a cleaner and greener environment.

However, there is always a culprit; the recycling contaminant. Contaminants can turn your clean recyclable waste into useless garbage.

Let’s face this with the facts —According to Cal Recycle, the recycling rate in California stands at 75%

But the problem is that California still faces the contamination of recyclable waste. 

According to resource recycling, the contamination rate in California ranges from 8% to 46%.

Additionally, the average contamination rate of recyclable waste is 20% statewide. 

And the reason for these figures is consumer behavior.

With that in mind, what are the best ways to recycle in Hollywood?

Let’s dive in, and you will learn the best strategy to help you be a better recycler in Hollywood. 

What goes into the recycling bin in Hollywood, California?

Do you have a recycling bin? The place to start is to understand the things that you should put in the recycling bin.

If you are not careful, one bad guy can ruin your entire load of recyclable garbage, and that is plastic bags.

Here are the waste materials you can dump in your blue cart.

But there is a catch; your blue cart waste should be clean, dry, and free from contaminants like plastic bags.

  • Plastic containers

You have the green light to put any plastic bottle and container in your recycling bin in Hollywood. Avoid any other type of plastic because it can do more harm than good. Things like plastic bags, hoses, plastic furniture, etc., shouldn’t go into the recycling bin.

  • Glass bottles and jars

Any glass bottle or container that you use to keep food or beverages is recyclable. Make sure to empty the residue and the liquid inside before tossing it in the recycling bin.

  • Cardboards

Clean, dry, and flat cardboards can also go into the recycling bin. If you have cardboard carton boxes, you can cut, flatten, and fold them for recycling.

  • Paper boards

Do you generate a ton of cereal boxes? This type of paperboard is recyclable in the blue bin. Others include tissue boxes and paper towel paper board.

  • Metal containers

You can recycle metal containers such as pet food and vegetable cans. The thumb rule is to remove the food particles before putting them in the recycling bin.

  • Papers

Dry paper is also recyclable, and you can dispose of it in the recycling bin. These include newspapers, magazines, paperback books, construction papers, and office papers.

Fact: California recycles over 85% of beverage containers that including plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles and containers.

You can take beverage containers to a buy-back center like American Reclamation and redeem your California Refund Value.

recycling in Hollywood

Can you recycle scrap metal in Hollywood, California?

Yes, you can recycle scrap metal in Hollywood, California. However, scrap metal waste falls under the bulk waste scope, and you can’t put them in the recycling bin.

This means that you need special arrangements for scrap metal recycling. And that is where American Reclamation steps in.

Our facility is equipped with ultra-modern technology to handle scrap metal recycling.

We offer a buy-back and recycling program for all scrap metals from consumers and suppliers in Hollywood.

Our facility can handle any size of scrap metal, big or small.

Is there a recycling program for bulk waste in Hollywood?

The recycling program for bulk waste is available in the Hollywood area. American Reclamation can help you with any bulk waste you have.

Whether C&D, green waste, or household trash, you can count on our quality services.

What’s more? We are certified and endorsed by the City of Los Angeles with an 80% recycling rate.

Contact us today!