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What to Do with Construction Waste

Are you anticipating a remodeling or new construction project in Thousand Oaks? One thing you need to prepare for and deal with is construction waste. Construction waste can be a combination of hazardous and non-hazardous debris, and 30% of this often ends up in landfills. If you’re wondering what to do with or handle your Thousand Oaks construction waste, you are in the right place. There are excellent construction waste management strategies that are way better than landfilling. And better yet, some of these waste management strategies could help you get a green building certification.

What Are The Common Construction Materials?

Construction debris consists of bulky debris that has no value at a construction site.

The non-degradable and hazardous construction garbage can harm the environment.

The typical construction waste materials include; Concrete, asphalt, brick cement drywall, rocks/stones, metals, glass, plastics, wood, trees, and stumps.

Building components like plumbing fixtures, doors, and windows are typical construction garbage.

Construction debris can be pretty stressful to handle, and that is why a receptacle to hold the waste is imperative.

Thousand Oaks construction waste

Get The Construction Waste Dumpster Rental

The ideal way to stream construction waste management is to get a dumpster rental and install it on-site to load the construction garbage.

So, which is the ideal dumpster rental size for construction waste?

The correct bin rental can eliminate the hassle of moving heavy construction waste.

Your project size estimate is crucial to determining the ideal construction dumpster rental size.

And luckily, American Reclamation is the leading hauler—endorsed by the City of Thousand Oaks—providing dependable construction dumpster rental services.

We highly recommend our lowboy container if you’ve got dense construction debris like dredging materials, concrete bricks, tiles, shingles, or ceramics.

This dumpster rental is between 10 and 16 cubic yards and is ideal for residential and commercial construction projects.

You can select a bin rental size for our inventory ranging from 25 to 40 cubic yard containers depending on the size of your construction garbage.

These are the ideal sizes for voluminous construction junk like wood, metals, cardboard, plastics, carpet padding, electrical wires, pipes, etc.

Where to Dispose of Construction Waste in Thousand Oaks?

The best thing to do with your Thousand Oaks construction waste is reuse and recycle. 

Maximize on recovering construction junk and reuse them on other projects. 

For instance, if your project involves demolition, you can focus on salvaging building components like door frames, windows, hardware, appliances, and fixtures.

You can use those materials on the same project or other constructions or donate them to organizations needing building materials.

Recycling is an excellent option for your Thousand Oaks construction waste.

The City of Thousand Oaks aims to divert at least 65% of C&D debris from landfills, and you can achieve debris diversion through recycling.

You need to file a report that shows compliance with the CalGreen program. And this is something we can help you with through our construction recycling service.

Filing the C&D compliance report can get you a refund of your performance deposit.

Dumpster rental services include hauling services which mean that we will have to move the refuse to our recycling facility.

We recycle or divert at least 70% of refuse we bring to our facility. Whether you have concrete, asphalt, metals, wood, concrete, plastics, etc., our facility can handle any size of garbage recycling.

Typically, we turn construction refuse into excellent by-products like engineered wood, aggregate, or new construction materials.

We ensure proper construction waste management as a licensed hauler in Thousand Oaks.

You can consider our pick-up service for recyclable commodities and be part of the community striving to promote green building.