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Home Improvement for Rental Properties

Are you looking for perfect ways to improve your rental properties in Santa Clarita? Ranked as one of the best places to live, Santa Clarita is undoubtedly the ideal home destination for many people. Keeping up with your rental properties is crucial to making them livable and eye-catching to potential renters. Whether you need to upgrade your rental property’s health and safety or spruce up the curb, we’ll dive into the best home improvement for Santa Clarita rental properties. Remember, home improvements and remodeling can be used interchangeably but essentially mean transforming a house into a functional space. 

Why you should renovate your Santa Clarita rental properties

Home improvements for rental properties can be pretty expensive. The best thing to consider is the project’s value and ROI so you can update your rental property for the right reasons.

Rental home improvement reduces ongoing maintenance and operation costs.

Rental properties wear and tear a lot, and constant repairs can cost an arm and a leg in the long overhaul. 

Making home improvements like upgrading the plumbing and other fixtures can reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

For instance, you can replace the beat-up windows or the water heater if you’ve had to repair it too often.

A quality HVAC system can reduce the overall electricity costs, and installing a new plumbing system can help minimize pipe leaks and repairs.

Home improvement could earn you tax benefits.

Did you know that you can deduct some rental expenses from your taxable income? According to the IRS, you can remove the cost of eligible supplies, materials, repairs, and maintenance that you buy to upgrade your rental property.

Furthermore, improvements like HVAC, roofing alarm and security systems, and fire protection can be eligible for tax benefits.

Home improvement can lower tenant turnover.

High tenant turnover can be a landlord’s worst nightmare. One of the reasons tenants move out is poor property maintenance.

Keeping your Santa Clarita rental properties in tiptop conditions can lower tenant turnover rates and ultimately lower costs.

Rental home improvement can increase ROI.

Another benefit of home improvement for rental properties is that it boosts property value.

Improving the floor, adding a new roof, green energy, extra space, or a new siding can be the reason for you to raise the rent, which means more return on investment.

Best home improvement for Santa Clarita rental properties

Making periodic home improvements for rental properties is an excellent way to attract high-quality tenants and get consistent rental income.  

home improvement for Santa Clarita rental properties

Improve the curb appeal

The curb aesthetics is the first thing your potential renters notice before they check the interiors of your property. And the curb appeal can make or break your home rental business. 

Consider outdoor improvements like landscaping, deck installation, or patio with outdoor seating.

Additionally, you can create walkways and pressure wash the siding.

Does the property’s siding need an upgrade? Install a new siding or spruce up the vinyl exterior with fresh paint.

Add a security system.

Installing a security system is another home improvement for rental properties that you can do to improve your property.

Tenants factor in security when hunting for a home to rent, making it crucial to install in a rental house. Furthermore, adding security features like alarms and outdoor lights can make your current tenants stay longer, thanks to excellent security amenities.

You can also include security cameras and motion sensing lights to give your tenants peace of mind.

Update fixtures

Rental home fixtures are some of the things that take a beat. You can do a kitchen makeover with new cabinets, backsplash, and faucets.

Has the dishwasher seen better days? You can also upgrade the kitchen appliances.

Upgrade the flooring

Do the living spaces on your rental property need to spruce up? Floors can deteriorate pretty fast, especially in the high-trafficked rooms.

Renters always look for flooring that matches their desire and style. Don’t let worn-out floors dampen your property’s design and aesthetics.

Improve the floors with luxury vinyl, epoxy, engineered hardwood, and solid or laminate flooring materials. 

Notably, the home improvement materials and service quality matter when remodeling rentals.

Projects like home improvements for rental properties require efficient waste disposal. Give American Reclamation a call to move all your construction debris in Santa Clarita.