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Glendale E-Waste Guide

Are you looking for ways to dispose of e-waste? Unlike typical curbside trash, electronic waste can be toxic, harming the environment and putting human health at risk. And this is not only a household problem but also a global issue due to the easy accessibility and affordability of new devices. A safe disposal option for residential and commercial e-waste is imperative. If you’re looking for ways to handle and where to take your e-scrap, you’re in the right place. This is a comprehensive Glendale e-waste guide to help you protect the community from harmful waste. Instead of piling electronic junk in your offices or garage, you’ll find reliable disposal options in this article.

Understand Glendale E-waste and its Management

Electronic waste is the obsolete devices that no longer serve their original purpose or have ceased to be valuable to you or your company. Such waste can contain harmful metals or liquids, including lead, mercury, and battery acid. Electronic waste includes notebook computers, cell phones, personal desktop computers, tablets, laptops, TVs, stereos, calculators, etc. Ideally, any device that features a cord, battery, or charging port or uses dry cells is considered e-waste. Additionally, e-waste can include appliances, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, toasters, etc.

Do not discard any electronic garbage in the regular waste stream because it is illegal in Glendale. Understanding e-waste management is the first step to avoiding litigation. There are various options to handle your electronic waste, and finding the right pathway for your trash is crucial.

Repair and Reuse

One of the most eco-friendly and responsible ways to manage e-waste is by repairing and reusing them. Erase personal data in your working devices and donate on an as-is basis. Old but functional electronics like laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartwatches, and desktop computers can be valuable for students. Consider donating old gadgets to schools, churches, community centers, and charitable organizations.

Alternatively, you can refurbish and sell electronics you don’t need anymore. This can be a genius way to earn extra money from junk electronics.

Glendale e-waste guide

Take-back Programs

Another way to manage electronic waste is through take-back programs some manufacturers provide. This can be an easy option, especially for companies with large inventories of obsolete electronics. Typically, manufacturers can offer a free recycling option for your e-waste, and you can mail your old, damaged, and unwanted devices to your manufacturer. The size of e-waste these programs can handle depends on the manufacturer and the program conditions they’ve put in place. For instance, Best Buy can accept a maximum of three electronic items from one household per day. Some manufacturing companies offering take-back programs or trade-ins include HP, Samsung, Acer, Dell, and Apple. 


Outdated tech can still be valuable and produce raw materials to manufacture other stuff. This process is known as E-waste recycling and can be an eco-friendly option to manage your useless electronics. E-waste recycling is retrieving valuable metals to reuse in other material production. Again, many manufacturers offer to recycle your old tech, and you can mail or drop them off at their neared facility.

Knowing your e-waste, possible disposal stream, and management can help you take control of the junk.

Where to Take Glendale E-waste?

Have you got e-waste in Glendale? American Reclamation is the leading provider of electronics waste recycling services in Glendale. And this means we can collect your electronic junk regardless of size and process them in an eco-friendly fashion.

We’re Calrecycle certified to offer drop-off services for electronics like TVs, monitors, computers, phones, and much more. Whether you’re an individual electronic user or an organization, we provide reliable services and recycle 100% of the e-waste. 

How much does e-waste recycling cost in Glendale? We offer the best rates starting at $.10 per lb. Contact us and find reliable e-waste disposal solutions.