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Need help with your residential or construction debris and looking for an Arleta dumpster rental? Updating your home or building a new building is pretty typical. But what you want to know is that effectively and responsibly, getting rid of the C&D garbage is a must.

And sometimes, getting the right Arleta dumpster rental with no flaws can be quite a hassle. American Reclamation is the trash pros you seek, and we are here to serve you.

Thanks to our years of commendable dumpster rental experience, you can rest easy because we show up and do the job when you need us. We aim to prioritize your demolition or construction project and hold your hand from start to finish.

Check out our various trash receptacles and schedule the ideal size for your job.

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#1 Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Service

Here at American Reclamation, customer service is our priority. Our crew excels at ensuring that our customers receive top-tier customer support. 

Whether you are a novice, have no clue about the dumpster rental process, or are a pro, we are thrilled to offer you world-class services. 

We offer the smallest to giant trash containers, serving all residential and commercial projects.

Are you knocking down the old bath for remodeling? We collect and dispose of such rubbles. Are you scraping off the roof? We provide a seamless disposal solution for any construction and demolition job.

Do you have questions about renting a roll-away Arleta dumpster rental? We are here to listen and carefully review your needs. Give us a quick phone call.

Three Easy Steps to Rent a Dumpster in Arleta

American Reclamation is a fully-fledged waste management company for residential homes and commercial businesses. And that means we handle and haul garbage from virtually everywhere we can reach. Whether remodeling your home deep inside the neighborhood or eliminating trash in your storefront, no location is too near or far from us.  Since we strive to beat our unmatched delivery times, we’ve created a dumpster rental system that takes only three steps.

You only need to enter your zip code, pick your bin size, and choose an option—and you can do it all online. We will receive your request instantly, process it, and bring the roll-off dumpster to your site when needed. 

Dumpster Sizes and Features For Any Job

In case you didn’t know, American Reclamation has been in business for over 50 years. That means we’ve tried, tested, and designed our Arleta dumpster rental to ensure that it meets our customers’ needs. We ensure a dumpster size for you regardless of your endeavor.

Dumpster containers here range from three to forty cubic yards dumpsters. We have containers for dense debris and dumpsters for general household junk, lightweight construction debris, and green waste. Also, our Arleta dumpster rentals can fit in any area. We can consistently innovate to accommodate the job, whether you have limited space or a spacious lot. Additionally, our open-top dumpsters with rear walk-in doors make loading any garbage material a breeze and safe. Schedule a roll-off service in Arleta today.

Projects That We Service

American Reclamation is a full-scale waste management company serving the Arleta area and beyond. And this means we tackle many aspects of waste management. Whether you’re a homeowner doing medium household jobs or a contractor, we support everyone needing dumpsters in Arleta. Proper waste disposal is critical for our homes, businesses, and construction sites. We are ready for any project you have, big or small, thanks to our numerous dumpster sizes to rent.

Demolition debris is one of the jobs you can assign to us, and expect speedy services. Pulling down a structure can be super easy but getting the trash to a designated facility in Arleta is a challenge. We know where to take demolition garbage, and often employ sustainable strategies like recycling. Whether you’ve got a crane ready to start or it is just you and a sledgehammer, we can accommodate any size of debris.

We also haul dirt and concrete waste. This dumpster service applies to our Arleta customers doing new constructions or renovations. We clean out concrete and dirt waste in construction and renovation sites. Focus on your DIY or commercial project while we clean after you. 

Roofing material waste can be stressful, but not when American Reclamation is in business. We take roofing shingles, tiles, wood, nails, and more. You deserve a warm and cozy home with no leaky roofs, and we’ll handle the waste so you don’t have to hassle. 

Is spring cleaning around the corner? We know how that household junk can be soul-sucking. These items take up your precious cozy space and become an eyesore. Contact us, and let’s clean up every nook and cranny. We’ll deliver the trash bins, and you load them in. Sounds like a deal? You bet; we offer the most competitive rates for Arleta dumpster rental. Customize the dumpster size and timeframe.

Premier Dumpster Rental Services

As environmental stewards in California, we are committed to diverting as much garbage as possible. Whether it is C&D waste, green refuse, or residential junk, we have an industry-standard recycling facility to handle the recycling of your waste.

Also, we have and strive to foster a strong relationship with our Arleta customers, employees, and the authorities. We offer attractive dumpster rental costs for our customers. Book online!

Additional Services

Front Loader

We provide recurring and one-time collection services, and multi-family and commercial waste and recycling.

Roll Off Rental

At American Reclamation we specialize in Roll-off Bin and Dumpster Rentals in Burbank and surrounding areas.

Recycling Services

We own and operate a 4-acre clean material recovery center (MRF) in the City of Los Angeles.

Organic Waste

Organics Recycling for any Business, Multifamily Residence, Non-profit Organization, or Government Agency

Product Destruction

We provide inexpensive confidential and certified product and material destruction and disposal at an affordable rate.


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