Avoiding Dumpster Overage Fees in Burbank

Are you ready to hire a dumpster and wondering what extra costs you can expect? Dumpster overage fees can be a pain in the kneck for any container renter, new or experienced. Every junk disposal project is on a budget, and dumpster overage fees can create considerable dents in your pockets. This article will guide you on avoiding dumpster overage fees in Burbank.

What do dumpster overage fees mean?

You pretty much expect a detailed invoice with no hidden charges when you rent a dumpster.

However, circumstances can force you to pay more than the actual estimate.

We refer to these excess fees as overage dumpster fees.

And if you happen to get these fees, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Luckily, you can steer clear of dumpster overage fees if you follow the below steps.

Let your dumpster hauler know the type of debris you want to dispose of.

The nature of the debris you plan to put into the dumpster can affect the overall cost of your dumpster rental.

If you toss in prohibited junk, your hauler can charge you extra fees to handle such garbage.

Be sure to check the terms and agree with your dumpster rental on the trash you want to remove.

American reclamation can provide you with the best alternatives for unique trash, so you don’t have to risk putting unacceptable waste in the bin.

Agree on a dumpster rental period beforehand.

Another way to avoid dumpster overage fees is to set a clear dumpster rental timeframe that fits your project.

In this case, it is crucial to understand the time you need to eliminate all the trash.

It is best to rent a roll-off container for a little more extended timeframe than rent it for fewer days than you anticipate to finish your project. 

The cost to rent a trash container for more days could be expensive since you’ll need to pay daily.

You can give us a quick call to help you determine the best dumpster rental time for your project in Burbank.

avoiding dumpster overage fees in Burbank

Check the local codes if you need to pull a dumpster permit.

Before you pull a dumpster to your job site, assess if you’ll need a dumpster permit in Burbank.

Typically, you will need to process a container permit to use the public street.

A dumpster permit comes at a cost in Burbank, and you can get it at the Public Works Department.

If you place a dumpster on the right-of-way without the permit, you could end up paying hefty fines to the City of Burbank.

Ask your hauler and understand when and how to get a street use permit for your residential or commercial project.

Insist on the right dumpster size in Burbank

If you have the money to toss along with the construction or renovation junk, try renting a receptacle that is too small for your project.

A smaller container could cause you a lot of inconveniences, like renting a second dumpster or waiting for swap-outs.

In some scenarios, you might load too much garbage into the container, which attracts overage fees for overfilling/overloading.

What is considered an overfilled dumpster?

An overfilled dumpster is when you load excess junk into the trash bin that some of it sticks out of the container.

Overfilling a dumpster is against our rental policy, and you can incur costs to remove the excess waste in the dumpster.

Luckily, at American Reclamation, we have a competent crew and waste specialists to help you understand the best practices when loading your receptacle.

Rent a dumpster from American Reclamation for any trash disposal job in Burbank

Don’t get stuck with dumpster overage fees. We can help you get a straightforward dumpster rental with no hidden fees.

Contact us for a free in-depth consultation.

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