Burbank Neighborhood Yard Sale Tips

Aug 2, 2023 | 0 Comments

Hosting a neighborhood yard sale can be a great way to declutter your home, make some extra cash, and connect with your community. However, organizing, cleaning, pricing items, and executing a successful yard sale can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some yard sale tips to help you make the […]

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Tips for Sustainable Living

Jul 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

Sustainable living means making intentional choices regarding the products we consume, ensuring that they have minimum to zero environmental impact. The demand for natural resources is astronomical, and they are at risk of depletion if we don’t practice sustainability. Sustainable living can create a quality life and hope for the future generation. Adopting sustainable habits also […]

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2023 Guide to Los Angeles Dumpster Sizes

Jul 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

Staying on budget is crucial when renting a roll-off dumpster, which is possible when you request the right size. American Reclamation has various dumpster sizes, ensuring you find the right solution for big or small projects. Whether renovating your kitchen or managing a construction site in Los Angeles, we provide suitable containers and swift services […]

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2023 Tax Deductible Home Improvement Projects

Jun 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

Is a New Roof, HVAC system, or kitchen remodel Tax Deductible? These are the typical questions running through the minds of many homeowners planning a remodeling project. Tax-deductible home improvements may only affect your taxes later, and it can be a huge tax relief when you finally sell the property and file returns. The most […]

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Understanding Dumpster Rental Pricing

Mar 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

You have home remodeling or junk removal work and need to rent a dumpster. Excellent idea! However, how much does it cost to rent a roll-off dumpster in Los Angeles? Understanding Los Angeles dumpster rental pricing is an important step when renting a dumpster. First, knowing more about dumpster rental pricing is essential as it […]

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