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Burbank Neighborhood Yard Sale Tips

Hosting a neighborhood yard sale can be a great way to declutter your home, make some extra cash, and connect with your community. However, organizing, cleaning, pricing items, and executing a successful yard sale can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some yard sale tips to help you make the most of your next sale.

How to Sell Everything at a Burbank Neighborhood Yard Sale

1. Plan Ahead

Hosting a neighborhood yard sale can be a lot of work, and planning is critical. Before you start gathering items for your yard sale:

  • Take some time to plan. Review the stuff you want to sell and create the time and day to host your Burbank Neighborhood yard sale. 
  • Determine the date and time of your yard sale, and check local regulations for any permits or restrictions that may apply. The City of Burbank requires you to get a yard sale permit, also known as a garage sale permit. 

The permit shows you’re the property owner or represents the owner where the sale will happen. Also, you should demonstrate that you own or are the rep of the items on sale. Your garage sale permit term is two days; you can only apply twice a year. Check the Burbank department for development. 

  • Decide the items you want to sell and set prices for each item. Set your prices to match your goal but consider fair prices. 
  • Group similar items for sale, making it easier for shoppers to find what they want. For instance, group kids’ and adults’ clothes separately. Create sections for jewelry, shoes, books, furniture, home decor, etc. 
  • Think about how you’ll advertise your sale, whether it’s through social media, flyers, or signs.
  • Clean and Organize your items. 

No one wants to buy dirty, disorganized, broken, or old items. Take the time to purge and organize your items before your sale. Dust off furniture and knick-knacks, wash clothing and linens and ensure everything is in working order. Repair damaged electronics and delete personal data. 

Dispose of stained and broken items. American Reclamation serves the Burbank area, providing dumpster rental services. You need a dumpster when decluttering. Whatever size you have, you can depend on us for the right dumpster.

Arrange your items neatly on tables or racks, and consider using signage to help shoppers find specific items.

2. Price Your Items

Remember that people bargain at yard sales when pricing your items. Be willing to negotiate with shoppers, and don’t set prices too high. 

Consider grouping similar items and pricing them collectively, making it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for and saving you time individually pricing each item. For instance, instead of pricing each piece of a dish set, you can create a price for the whole group. 

Label your items clearly with prices and use colored stickers to indicate different price points.

3. Advertise Your Sale

The success of your yard sale depends on getting the word out. Advertise your sale through social media, local classified ads, flyers, and signs. Including the date, time, location of your Burbank neighborhood sale, and some of the items you’ll be selling is crucial. 

Consider using eye-catching graphics or photographs to grab people’s attention. If you can put up signs in your area, ensure they’re visible and include directional arrows to help shoppers find your sale.

4. Set Up Your Sale

On the day of your sale, ensure everything is ready at the start: place signs and balloons outside to grab people’s attention, and arrange your items neatly and attractively. Set up a desk near the entrance to keep a cash box, calculator, and necessary supplies like bags and change. Consider having some refreshments on hand for shoppers, like lemonade or cookies.

5. Be Prepared to Negotiate

Remember that people haggle prices in yard sales. Be prepared to negotiate with shoppers; some customers will bargain for a lower price than you hoped. Consider setting a bottom price for some of your items to avoid selling them too low, but be willing to compromise if a shopper offers a reasonable offer.

The best way to handle pricing is to price 15% to 20% above the price you hope to sell for. Also, set different pricing for rare collectibles you want to sell.

Do you have items that you’d give out for free? You can use them to attract customers. Create bonus items for high-ticket ones; people love free items and will jump at the next available opportunity to get free stuff. 

6. Stay Safe

Finally, remember to stay safe during your yard sale. Always have someone with you, mainly if you sell items in an isolated area. Keep your cash box with you or securely, and be wary of counterfeit bills. Consider using a mobile payment app like Venmo or PayPal to avoid handling cash altogether.

If you need a dumpster to remove debris or junk after a yard sale, American Reclamation is the one to call! We have a dumpster size for all your needs. Call us today!

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Tips for Sustainable Living

Sustainable living means making intentional choices regarding the products we consume, ensuring that they have minimum to zero environmental impact. The demand for natural resources is astronomical, and they are at risk of depletion if we don’t practice sustainability. Sustainable living can create a quality life and hope for the future generation. Adopting sustainable habits also helps reduce our carbon footprint and promotes a healthier planet. Below are some tips for sustainable living in 2023

Simple Tips for Sustainable Living 2023

Sustainable living can sound like an unachievable philosophy. However, you can take small steps to help create a sustainable world. Your simple, sustainable living actions contribute to the greater benefits. 

1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

The three Rs are the sustainable living pillars to adopt in 2023. You need to reduce the amount of garbage you produce, reuse items before replacing and recycle as much as possible. This strategy is straightforward, and anyone can implement it. 

Start by reducing your consumption of single-use items. For instance, say no to plastics and get a reusable water container. Reuse items whenever possible, and recycle as much as possible. You can repurpose items for functional or aesthetic purposes. Alternatively, donating stuff is an option; give out clothes, electronics, food, furniture, houseware, and more.

2. Use energy-efficient appliances

 Opt for energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs that consume less energy and emit less heat, reducing your electricity and water consumption and saving you money. Furthermore, these appliances require little to zero maintenance.

Importantly, energy-saving appliances lower the emission of green gas, benefiting the ozone layer.

3. Choose renewable energy sources.

What type of energy source do you use? Non-renewable energy sources like coal, petroleum, and gas can negatively impact our environment, and you can’t replenish them. Consider investing in renewable and eco-friendly energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines to reduce your reliance on non-ecofriendly sources. You can rebuild your roof and install solar panels to power your home. 

4. Choose eco-friendly transportation 

Did you know you can promote sustainable living through transportation? Data shows that using public transport reduces the toxic gases in the air by 45%. Walk, bike, or use public transit instead of driving to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. Your community will live healthier thanks to fewer toxic gases and chemicals in the environment. Furthermore, eco-friendly transportation can reduce noise pollution. 

5. Use water wisely

 Using water efficiently is another tip for sustainable living. While water takes a large percentage of the earth’s surface, only 3% is fresh and fit for consumption. Furthermore, the world needs more than this amount of water for everyone, and the demand is skyrocketing compared to the supply. Using water efficiently can benefit you and the environment. First, it reduces the energy needed to produce and supply water to your home and ultimately reduces ozone layer pollution. So how do you use water efficiently? Install WaterSense-labeled products like toilets, showers, faucets, and other accessories. Conserve water by taking shorter showers to reduce water usage. Check and fix leaks, and use water-efficient appliances.

6. Reduce your waste

Reducing the waste you produce is another crucial sustainable living tip you should try in 2023. One of the best ways to tackle waste is by reducing it at its source. Be wise when shopping, ensuring you take products with minimal packaging. Check the packing and minimize plastic packaging. Cook enough food to avoid leftovers, which wind up in the dustbin. 

Sustainable living also involves diverting waste into valuable products. What do you do with food waste? Create a compost and make organic manure for your garden. Do you have green waste from your landscaping project? Compost it!

7. Plant Your Food

The impacts of food production and supply on the environment can be detrimental. Food production produces 25% of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Sustainable living efforts can help change this narrative and create a pollution-free environment. 

Additionally, you’re not sure the food on the store shelve is good for your health; you don’t know its production process or the chemicals used. 

Plant your food and take charge of the things you consume. Start with a small home garden and grow your vegetables; it is an excellent way to plant organic food for you and your family. 

8. Drop the Plastics for Good

Plastic is one of the environment’s pain points, and they take nearly half a million years to disintegrate, affecting biodiversity, wildlife, and the ecosystem. A whopping 40% of plastics produced are single-use, creating astronomical plastic garbage which ends up in our rivers and oceans. You can help lower the amount of plastic debris by saying no to plastic products.  

Eliminate plasticware, bottles, bags, and jars, and get reusable alternatives like glass and aluminum containers. Getting rid of plastics can help you save money.

Let Us Help You With Waste Disposal

Now that you’ve read our tips for sustainable living, let us help you! American Reclamation capitalizes on sustainable solutions regarding waste management. We can tackle all garbage regardless of size. Call us for home and commercial dumpster rental services. 

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2023 Guide to Los Angeles Dumpster Sizes

Staying on budget is crucial when renting a roll-off dumpster, which is possible when you request the right size. American Reclamation has various dumpster sizes, ensuring you find the right solution for big or small projects. Whether renovating your kitchen or managing a construction site in Los Angeles, we provide suitable containers and swift services for an efficient job. Whether you need a 10YD or 35YD dumpster, our 2023 guide to Los Angeles dumpster sizes can help simplify the process. Our customer support can serve you from wherever you’re through calls and emails. We’re here if you need assistance picking and scheduling your dumpster delivery. 

How to Determine the Dumpster Size?

So, how do you rent the right dumpster size in Los Angeles? The right container size depends on the debris you need to throw away. You’ll need a small or medium dumpster for residential renovations, cleanouts, or landscaping projects. Bigger roll-off bins are best for large-scale construction, demolition sites, and other commercial projects. 

Another thing that determines the correct roll-off size to hire is the debris type. Some are large, requiring a larger container, while others are pretty dense, like construction bricks. An average container can hold between 4,000 lbs and 16,000 lbs of debris, and excess tons of waste attract a fine. 

Furthermore, the space available at the job site can determine the dumpster size. With limited space, renting a small or medium dumpster can be more economical. 

The Ultimate Guide to Los Angeles Dumpster Sizes:

The Six Popular Dumpster Sizes in Los Angeles.

American Reclamation provides the guide to Los Angeles different dumpster sizes, offering dumpsters ranging from three to forty cubic yards in volume. And this means we can service residential, commercial, demolitions, and landscaping projects. Dumpster size is the total volume in cubic yards.

3YD Front Load Dumpster

We offer the smallest dumpster container, a front loader, which is a perfect solution for refuse or trash collection. It is excellent if you have construction, household, or commercial projects, and you can use it to remove green waste, tires, carpets, recyclables, and construction debris. 

10YD Roll-Off Dumpster

This dumpster size holds up to ten cubic yards of debris and is ideal for heavy waste. You can fit roughly three to five truckloads of trash, making it the perfect option for many home and construction projects. Our lowboy dumpster can offer more room, handling up to 16 cubic yards of waste. You can rent it if you need a 15-cubic yards container in Los Angeles. 

25YD Roll-Off Dumpster

Our medium dumpster size holds up to 25 cubic yards of waste. We recommend this bin for household and construction projects. Whether you’ve got a roofing job, general construction, or home cleanout, this is the ideal option for small to medium projects. 

30YD Roll Off Dumpster

30YD container is a big dumpster ideal for medium and large jobs. It is popular for complete home overhauls, major kitchen and bath remodeling projects, and new constructions. Are you looking to downsize or declutter before moving? Renting a 30-cubic yarder is a wise choice to move huge piles of junk in one go.

35YD Roll Off Dumpster

This dumpster size is slightly bigger than the 30YD roll-off container. It holds more garbage and is best for large-scale demolitions, new constructions, and estate decluttering projects. You can also use it to remove segregated recyclables debris, mixed construction waste, and tires.

40YD Roll Off Dumpster

We supply the largest dumpsters in Los Angeles for large-scale demolitions and construction projects. American Reclamation takes pride in having ultra-modern equipment to haul large-scale commercial and residential trash. We accept roofing debris, wood and drywall, concrete, asphalt, tires, green waste, general household junk, stumps, and yard debris.

Importantly, we focus on diverting and recycling much construction and home junk. Working with us means doing good for a better environment in Los Angeles. 

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2023 Tax Deductible Home Improvement Projects

Is a New Roof, HVAC system, or kitchen remodel Tax Deductible? These are the typical questions running through the minds of many homeowners planning a remodeling project. Tax-deductible home improvements may only affect your taxes later, and it can be a huge tax relief when you finally sell the property and file returns. The most crucial thing is to keep a record of these tax-deductible improvements, expenses, and payment receipts. Significant home improvements add value to the property, extend its life span, or modify it for a new use. A remodeling project that accomplishes either of the above qualifies as capital home improvement and can be tax deductible. Remember, capital improvements are entirely different from home repairs—-the latter ensures your property is livable. Keep reading to learn about the home improvement projects you can write off. Read on for 2023 tax deductible home improvement projects.

What Are the Best 2023 Tax Deductible Home Improvement Projects?

After selling the property, tax deductions for home improvements can add more profits. Below are some of the home remodeling projects for 2023 that qualify for a tax write-off. 

Home Office Improvements

Do you need to improve your home space? Upgrading your home office space provides a conducive environment for you to thrive at work. And the good news is the IRS considers home office updates and repairs tax-deductible. You can include repairs and significant upgrades like utilities, mortgage rates, and depreciation for your home office. 

To qualify, the home space designated for work should be a principal space for business. Furthermore, you should be self-employed to claim taxes on your home office repairs. You can write off the expenses if you need a new office design, storage, lighting, or air conditioning.

Rental Property Updates

If you’ve got a rental property, one of the greatest tax deductible home improvement projects is repairing your property. Maintaining a habitable space for your tenants is crucial, so repairs and permanent improvements are bound to happen. You claim taxes on any repair and capital improvement you make on your rental property. Remember, there is a grey line for when you can claim taxes on repairs and rental home improvements.

Repairs include painting, fixing a broken toilet, lighting, faulty plumbing system, etc. You can claim these during the same year you make these necessary property updates. Major remodeling project on a rental property depreciates over time; therefore, you can claim the expenses by depreciating it over its useful life.

Home Updates for Medical Purposes

Do you need to renovate your home space to accommodate medical equipment or mobility for a special-needs person? These are considered home improvements for medical needs and can be tax-deductible. 

Examples of remodeling projects that may qualify include widening the doorways, ramps installation, lowering kitchen countertops and cabinets and installing grab bars, railings, and stair lifts—IRS has an entire list of improvements that qualify.  

Home Improvement Related to Heating and Insulation

Is a new HVAC system tax deductible? Yes, you can qualify to claim up to 22% because Uncle Sam loves it when you make upgrades related to energy efficiency and will reward you for it. Some tax-deductibles home improvements that qualify under this category include solar roof installation, energy-efficient HVAC, windows, water heaters, and biomass stove installation. 

Notably, these heating and insulation-related improvements qualify for tax credits for an old property.

Rent A Dumpster for Tax Deductible Home Improvement projects.

We care about your remodeling projects for 2023 and are ready to provide reliable debris removal services. We offer roll-off containers for residential and commercial use. Rent the right size bin and make it hassle-free to eliminate concrete, dirt, asphalt, bricks, heavy material, or household junk.

We provide various options ranging from three to forty-yard roll-off dumpsters. American Reclamation is the best when it comes to dumpster pricing. Enjoy world-class dumpster rental services at a pocket-friendly price. 

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Understanding Dumpster Rental Pricing

You have home remodeling or junk removal work and need to rent a dumpster. Excellent idea! However, how much does it cost to rent a roll-off dumpster in Los Angeles? Understanding Los Angeles dumpster rental pricing is an important step when renting a dumpster. First, knowing more about dumpster rental pricing is essential as it helps determine if a specific dumpster rental price is fair and reasonable. Each container size comes with its special price, and there are many ways to calculate this price. 

For transparent pricing, American Reclamation is your #1 dumpster rental company in Los Angeles. We make it simpler for you to calculate a quote and create a rental estimate online. Whether you need a small, medium, or large-size roll-off container, you can check out the dumpster rental prices for the Los Angeles area with no obligations to you.

How to Calculate Los Angeles Dumpster Rental Pricing

Depending on your provider, dumpster prices in Los Angeles differ. However, most service providers, including us, use a typical formula to create a dumpster price. Below are some of the factors that determine dumpster pricing.

understanding Los Angeles dumpster rental pricing

Dumpster Size

At American Reclamation, we offer five different dumpster sizes; each comes with its price. And by dumpster size, it doesn’t mean that you pay according to the length of the dumpster. A dumpster’s size represents the total volume of debris it can accommodate and is denoted by cubic yards. For instance, our 25-cubic yard roll-off can hold up to 25 cubic yards of construction waste or household junk.

Logically, the more the container can hold, the higher the rental fee. Choose your dumpster size carefully to stay within your budget. Our customer support is ready to help you figure out the right bin for your job site, and we’re only a call away.

Jobsite Location

Location is another key dumpster rental pricing determinant. Dumpster rentals consider the time and overall transportation costs when creating a dumpster price. And these can vary by far, depending on your project’s location. Local Los Angeles dumpster rentals can offer much cheaper rates than national companies. Consider renting your dumpster from American Reclamation, a local hauler dedicated to keeping the Los Angeles area and beyond clean.

Some providers charge delivery, pick up, or fuel surcharge separately, which can impact the overall cost. We provide free dumpster deliveries and pick-ups after you pay your base fee. 

Rental Period

Another huge factor that affects dumpster rental pricing is the rental period. Some people need to rent a container for a few days, while others may need it for several weeks or months. These time frames vary, and the rental fees for such periods. Our flat-rate fee covers a seven-day rental, and we can customize the pricing to fit your rental time.

Debris Weight and Material Type

Furthermore, the debris weight and the material type can affect the cost of renting a container in Los Angeles. The weight and nature of construction, demolition, and household junk vary. For instance, dry yard debris can be lighter than construction concrete. Transfer stations and landfills charge per ton to discard waste; the price increases if you’ve got heavier debris. 

Dumpster Rental Extra Fees

Additional dumpster rental fees can apply in some instances, which can determine the overall Los Angeles dumpster rental pricing. These extra fees include rental time extension fees, dry run costs, overfilling/loading fees, and the fine for loading prohibited debris. The rental extension fee is the additional cost to keep the bin for more days—this is pro-rated per day. Excess than recommended debris weight costs more; ask your customer support about the weight limit of your specific dumpster size.

Contact us for swift dumpster services in the Los Angeles area. We offer many options to match your unique needs.

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Glendale E-Waste Guide

Are you looking for ways to dispose of e-waste? Unlike typical curbside trash, electronic waste can be toxic, harming the environment and putting human health at risk. And this is not only a household problem but also a global issue due to the easy accessibility and affordability of new devices. A safe disposal option for residential and commercial e-waste is imperative. If you’re looking for ways to handle and where to take your e-scrap, you’re in the right place. This is a comprehensive Glendale e-waste guide to help you protect the community from harmful waste. Instead of piling electronic junk in your offices or garage, you’ll find reliable disposal options in this article.

Understand Glendale E-waste and its Management

Electronic waste is the obsolete devices that no longer serve their original purpose or have ceased to be valuable to you or your company. Such waste can contain harmful metals or liquids, including lead, mercury, and battery acid. Electronic waste includes notebook computers, cell phones, personal desktop computers, tablets, laptops, TVs, stereos, calculators, etc. Ideally, any device that features a cord, battery, or charging port or uses dry cells is considered e-waste. Additionally, e-waste can include appliances, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, toasters, etc.

Do not discard any electronic garbage in the regular waste stream because it is illegal in Glendale. Understanding e-waste management is the first step to avoiding litigation. There are various options to handle your electronic waste, and finding the right pathway for your trash is crucial.

Repair and Reuse

One of the most eco-friendly and responsible ways to manage e-waste is by repairing and reusing them. Erase personal data in your working devices and donate on an as-is basis. Old but functional electronics like laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartwatches, and desktop computers can be valuable for students. Consider donating old gadgets to schools, churches, community centers, and charitable organizations.

Alternatively, you can refurbish and sell electronics you don’t need anymore. This can be a genius way to earn extra money from junk electronics.

Glendale e-waste guide

Take-back Programs

Another way to manage electronic waste is through take-back programs some manufacturers provide. This can be an easy option, especially for companies with large inventories of obsolete electronics. Typically, manufacturers can offer a free recycling option for your e-waste, and you can mail your old, damaged, and unwanted devices to your manufacturer. The size of e-waste these programs can handle depends on the manufacturer and the program conditions they’ve put in place. For instance, Best Buy can accept a maximum of three electronic items from one household per day. Some manufacturing companies offering take-back programs or trade-ins include HP, Samsung, Acer, Dell, and Apple. 


Outdated tech can still be valuable and produce raw materials to manufacture other stuff. This process is known as E-waste recycling and can be an eco-friendly option to manage your useless electronics. E-waste recycling is retrieving valuable metals to reuse in other material production. Again, many manufacturers offer to recycle your old tech, and you can mail or drop them off at their neared facility.

Knowing your e-waste, possible disposal stream, and management can help you take control of the junk.

Where to Take Glendale E-waste?

Have you got e-waste in Glendale? American Reclamation is the leading provider of electronics waste recycling services in Glendale. And this means we can collect your electronic junk regardless of size and process them in an eco-friendly fashion.

We’re Calrecycle certified to offer drop-off services for electronics like TVs, monitors, computers, phones, and much more. Whether you’re an individual electronic user or an organization, we provide reliable services and recycle 100% of the e-waste. 

How much does e-waste recycling cost in Glendale? We offer the best rates starting at $.10 per lb. Contact us and find reliable e-waste disposal solutions.

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Stress-Free Moving Tips in Thousand Oaks

Are you wondering how to move without stress? Whether moving a few blocks down the street, across the town, or to a new state, it can be a lot of work. You’re under time constriction to pack all your belongings, dispose of junk, organize your move and settle in your new place. The process can be a hassle, even for people with experience moving houses. A recent study suggests that 45% of Americans find moving super stressful. This article guides you on stress-free moving tips in Thousand Oaks. Moving is a significant event and part of life, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. You’ve spent months and thousands of dollars looking for your new home; create an exciting and stress-free moving process.

How can I make moving easier?

Proper and detailed planning and coordination are crucial to stress-free moving. You can streamline all the work and expenses by considering the tips below. 

A to-do list and timeframe are crucial.

The first crucial tip when moving is creating a plan and a timeframe to help you achieve your goal. Understanding and planning the moving process can reduce anxiety as you have everything under control. Plan when to clean up, pack, organize utilities, and move. When is the right time to declutter when planning to move? Knowing the time frame to complete a specific task is crucial to avoid the last-minute rush. 

Also, it is crucial to note that moving to Thousand Oaks can cost you money. You might need money to pay movers, and utilities in your new place, get packaging materials, hire cleaners, etc. It is vital to create a budget ahead. 

stress-free moving tips in Thousand Oaks

Declutter and organize ahead

Cleaning and organizing stuff before moving is inevitable. You probably have old, unwanted, damaged, or expired items you won’t be transporting to your new home. Clean up and eliminate those unwanted items before you start packing. Donating or disposing of such items helps lower transportation costs and saves you space. Packing stuff with clutter everywhere can be stressful. 

Create time to purge and sort your belongings to eliminate the excess yet useless load. How to declutter easily and fast? Well, approaching your decluttering project with a strategy is important. First, you need to know the items to discard and how to dispose of them safely. Create simple sections to organize your decluttering process; you need recycling, donation, and keep section boxes. Recycling and donating are some of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways to dispose of household junk.

Spruce up one room at a time, covering every section in detail because this might be the only time to clean out and sort items before moving. Once you leave that home, you might not have the time or access to the property to organize your stuff. 

Plan the logistics

The transportation part of moving can be stressful, and it is crucial to plan this. Planning logistics early is important if you’re going to DIY your move or hire professional movers. Compare rates from local movers to find the biggest bang for the buck. Remember, professional movers offer different services, and you want to get the most reliable service. Some offer comprehensive moving services, including packing and transporting, while others only provide to move large items. 

The benefit of hiring pro movers is that they have experience and know excellent ways to handle your items safely. You don’t have to worry about damaged, broken, or lost stuff.

Dispose of stuff

Another stress-free moving tip you need to consider is junk disposal. You need a dependable waste management company in Thousand Oaks to help remove the trash. Ideally, you need one big container to get rid of home junk. American Reclamation is the #1 Thousand Oaks dumpster rental to rent a dumpster. Give us a call, and we’ll accommodate all the debris that needs to go, and you don’t have to worry about leaving clutter behind. 

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Avoiding Dumpster Rental Overage Fees in Los Angeles

A dumpster can greatly help when working on a home cleanout, remodeling, or construction project. A convenient bin close by to dump junk, construction, and demolition garbage can be a cost-effective option. While you can be sure about the overall dumpster rental fees, there are some exceptions where paying extra fees is a must. The extra fee that you might have to pay is known as dumpster rental overage fees. Understandably, paying additional costs can be a liability, and no one likes to deal with that, especially when you have extensive projects. Below are excellent tips to avoid dumpster rental overage fees in Los Angeles. 

Smart ways to avoid dumpster rental overage fees in Los Angeles

Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees is the smartest way to stay within budget and complete your project on schedule. Working with an experienced waste crew can be the key to dodging many pitfalls. American Reclamation takes pride in providing affordable dumpster rentals in the greater Los Angeles area. Whether you’re decluttering an estate, apartment, or landscaping, we’ve got dependable dumpsters for reasonable fees. 

Go with the right size dumpster.

The first thing to review when shopping for a dumpster is the size. Roll-off dumpster size is the capacity, often in cubic yards, that determines the amounts of debris it can hold. There are several sizes ranging from three to forty cubic yards. If you take a container smaller than can accommodate your debris, you risk loading excess debris. Again, renting a bigger roll-off container than you need means you’ll pay more for un-utilized space. 

Picking the right-size container can be complicated, so we recommend speaking with our customer support. You can select and complete your order if you know the right construction dumpster size for your project. American Reclamation provides dumpsters for 10, 25, 30, 35, and 40-cubic yards.

Understand the acceptable junk

Any prohibited debris in a dumpster can attract a penalty, meaning it’ll cost you extra money. Municipalities have guidelines on solid waste disposal, and often, there are special arrangements for hazardous waste. You can avoid overage fees by asking your Los Angeles dumpster rental about acceptable debris.

Don’t overload or overfill the container.

Moving an overloaded container can be impossible—it is more challenging when you have trash sticking out of the container. Understand the rentals policy on overloading and overfilling to avoid extra fees—request for the cost estimate per ton over the set weight cap. 

Load the container neatly, especially if you’re disposing of haphazard material. Stacking debris neatly ensures you utilize the available capacity and no junk sticks out of the fill line. 

avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Los Angeles

Don’t keep the container longer than the rental period.

Renting a dumpster means keeping it on your project site for a limited time. It can be a three-day rental, two weeks, or a month, but your hauler will come for the container on schedule. Overstaying with the dumpster rental without communication can inconvenience your provider and ultimately charge you for that. Return your dumpster on time to avoid pro-rated per-day dumpster fees once your rental time elapses. Alternatively, you can contact your hauler beforehand if you need a rental extension.

Eliminate obstructions before dumpster placement or pick up

Another way to avoid dumpster overage fees is ensuring your hauler can easily access the job site when dropping off and picking up the container. Things like trees, power lines, buildings, or other vehicles can render your site inaccessible, meaning rolling off or retrieving the dumpster is challenging. Most can charge more to cover the time and labor wasted.

Rent local Los Angeles dumpster rental

When you need to order a dumpster in Los Angeles, you know who to contact, and that is American Reclamation. Create a personalized service and get nothing short of excellent customer service. 

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Glendale Yard Cleaning Tips

Have you got a messy yard and are looking for an easy and fast way to clean it up? It can be pretty taxing, but yard work is a necessary evil. First, yard cleaning ensures new growth of your grass. The sheer amount of leaves on the lawn can inhibit grass growth, creating an unsightly yard. Removing the debris exposes the grass to much-needed sunlight and fresh air circulation, which enhances growth. It also helps in controlling the pesky weeds in your yard. Another reason why yard cleaning is worthwhile is that it boosts safety and curb appeal. Eliminating debris in the yard creates a clean and safe environment for kids and pets to play. Also, edging your plants and flower beds creates a beautiful lawn. Below are Glendale yard cleaning tips to make it easy and manageable

The Best Glendale Yard Cleaning Tips

Yard cleaning is just as important as deep cleaning your home. Whether preparing the yard for unforgiving winter, summer, or spring, and easy clean-up process can make a real difference. 

Sharp tools are a must-have

Deep yard cleaning involves trimming overgrown plants and edging your lawn, and this process requires handy tools. Blunt tools can drag your project, and the last thing you need is to sacrifice your weekend and do a little job. Ensure that your garden tools are well maintained, shard and rust-free. Sharp tools make clean cuts, ensuring that your plants heal faster. Also, a clean cut keeps off plant diseases and guarantees healthier plants. Importantly, it’ll make your work easier and faster. Sharpen your shears, clippers, and pruners before beginning your yard clean-up project. 

Get a tool belt

Yard cleaning is demanding physically and time-wise; you need to have your tools ready and not waste time getting them. Having your tools close by makes your Glendale yard cleaning easy and faster. You can fit your spray bottle, shears, trowel, garden knife, pruners, clippers, and gloves. Tool belts come in different sizes to fit various projects and are comfortable to carry around.

Remove the Debris

The next step in your yard cleaning is eliminating debris. Debris must go first, from dead branches, tree stumps, stones, and leaves to grass clippings and bushes. And this is the stage where you need trash bags and containers to move the yard waste to the dump. If you need a dumpster in Glendale, American Reclamation can help. 

Glendale yard cleaning tips

Trim, prune and edge your plants

Dry plants can be a fire hazard, and overgrown bushes are a haven for pests, unhealthy plants, and invasive species. Eliminate dead and overgrown tree branches as these can creep walkways and block other plants from accessing sunlight. Pruning and trimming are excellent ways to create room for your plants to thrive. Additionally, pruning overgrown branches protect your property and passersby from damage and accidents.

Don’t bag the leaves; mulch them.

Raking, blowing, and disposing of leaves in the yard can be stressful but can be a huge source of organic nutrients for your plants. Raking and bagging them sounds like an easy option to eliminate leaves in the yard. However, mulching leaves and the grass is the best option, saving money you would have spent on plastic bags. Furthermore, it saves time to pile and mulch the waste.

Mulching can improve your soil and encourage microorganisms to live in the soil, providing nutrients to plants.

Fix the patches

Yard cleaning is a great opportunity to create a uniform look. Heavy foot traffic, diseases, weed, and yard debris can cause bare brown patches on the lawn. Fix this by removing the matted turf and the trash first. Rake the soil and add the grass seeds, fertilizers, mulch, and water. In a matter of weeks, you’ll reclaim your beautiful lawn. 

Need a dumpster in Glendale? We can help! Reach out to us for the  dumpster size options that fit your project. Contact us today or book directly online.


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Preventing Food Waste in Los Angeles

Are you looking for ways to be preventing food waste in Los Angeles? Did you know that 4,000 pounds of food go to waste every day? The food scraps at home plus the veggies and fruit waste produced by grocery stores make up these colossal amounts. Restaurants also contribute a percentage of food waste. 

Food waste can cause detrimental impacts on the environment and the ozone layer, causing global climate change. The methane it produces is 84 times more toxic than carbon dioxide. Not to mention, many people are food insecure and could benefit if we can prevent food waste.

Thankfully, preventing food waste in Los Angeles is doable. A large percentage of it is edible food that can feed people in need, provide food for animals or create rich soils. Keep reading to understand how you can solve the food waste problem and create zero waste. 

How can you solve the food waste problem?

There are proven ways to help you reduce food waste, and this includes monitoring and identifying areas creating food waste in your life.

Preventing food waste in Los Angeles in your home

One of the best ways to eliminate food waste is to track and sealing the loopholes. Food can spoil due to buying them in excess and poor storage. You can prevent food in your household by creating a meal, prepping, and storage plan. Identify the meals that you and your family enjoy and buy them. 

Creating a meal plan and a shopping list reduces the chances of buying food you’re not likely to eat. You can plan a week’s worth of meals and buy the ingredients to last for that period. Check the freezer and the fridge if there is any food you can eat before heading to the grocery store. Shopping for food weekly can reduce the number of food products you buy at a go and ultimately reduce food waste. 

preventing food waste in Los Angeles  

Use good storage to make your food last longer.

Poor food storage is one of the biggest causes of food waste. Perishable food, for instance, can go bad pretty quickly if you don’t keep them properly. Ensure that you have good storage for your food to avoid food spoilage.

Put your vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness. Also, keep your dry grains in air-tight and labeled containers for easy identification. Also, understand the ripening process of fruits and store them accordingly. 

Create delicious meals from leftovers

Do you end up with leftover food after a meal? Don’t discard them just yet. The leftover food at your home or after eating at a restaurant can be valuable. Pack them in a food container and label them. You can make delicious meals for the next day from leftovers and prevent food waste. 

If you have leftover food after eating out at a restaurant, you can request a to-go container to pack the food. Whip up mashed potato apple cider donuts from leftover mashed potatoes. You can also make yummy soup from leftover turkey and vegetables. 

Don’t throw away the food scraps, too! Potato peels, for instance, can make delicious crunchy potato chips. You can cook what you can consume at once if you don’t like dealing with leftover food.

Donate Your Surplus Food

Food insecurity is a serious issue, and your food donation can ensure that needy people get a hot meal on their tables. In 2020, 34% of LA households lacked enough healthy food. Find donation centers, soup kitchens, and communities nearby that take food donations.

Check out non-profits like LA Food Bank and Jewish Family Service LA.

How do you dispose of food waste in Los Angeles?

If you have food waste in LA or want to divert it from landfills, contact American Reclamation. We have information for food waste and many other waste services. Contact us today!