Decluttering Before a Move

Do you find the process of decluttering before a move an enormous project? Moving can be such a hassle and a stressful life situation. Whether you plan to downsize or moving to a different state, you need a relocation strategy that will make your endeavor smooth. Here is the thing, moving gets more challenging when you have a big household to move. Yet, purging and decluttering  before a move can help you ease your luggage and only move your valuable items. 

How do you prepare for a move?

One of the critical things you should never forget is that you need to plan to clean out clutter at least two months before a move. This is because you may have a lot of household junk to manage and discard responsibly. 

The last thing you want when relocating to a new home is moving junk to your new place. It will just take up space that you could use for other valuable household items. 

Benefits of disposing of clutter before a move

Editing every nook and cranny and paring down your house before a move can be such a reliever.

First, decluttering before a move can slash down the costs of transporting your items. Donating, selling, and disposing of clutter helps reduce the overall weight of your shipment and lower the fees to move.

Remember, your movers will bill you according to the weight of the materials you need to carry. 

Decluttering as soon as possible saves you time when packing. When you have fewer items to pack up, it is easy to load and unload your stuff in the new home, making it easy for you to settle and focus on other crucial things.

Create more space. One thing everyone needs in their home is a breather space with no clutter and unwanted stuff. You can achieve that if you declutter before moving houses. Whether upgrading to a bigger home or downsizing, purging before packing up for a move helps reduce junk.

You will make money and your local community happy. Decluttering can present a win-win situation. You can either sell extra items on marketplaces, create a yard sale, or donate to your local charities. 

Either way, it is a win for you as you plan to move. 

decluttering before a move

Seamless process of decluttering before a move. 

Without a doubt, moving can be pretty stressful. Luckily, decluttering align your process and focus, streamlines your project, and makes it easy for you to make decisions.

So, where do you start decluttering, and how?

There are two ways to approach your house decluttering endeavor. You can eliminate clutter room by room or by category. Either way, you can be sure of removing items you don’t need or are useless. 

If you decide to clean up room by room, you can start with rooms likely to have more clutter, like the attic, storage, basement, and garage area.

Once those areas are clean, you can move to other rooms like the living room, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and the kitchen/pantry. These are the rooms that are likely to have less junk because of routine cleaning. 

Remember to have three categories of decluttering boxes. One is the trash container where all the garbage will go. Another one is the donation box, where you will put all the items you plan to donate. And lastly, the consignment box for items you will move to the new house.

You are in crunch time, and that means you need to make wise decisions when decluttering critically. If you haven’t used an item in ages, toss it away without second thoughts. 

Organize your space after decluttering.

Once you eliminate the trash, it is crucial to organize the items remaining ready for a move. You can start packing up your household stuff and only leave those you need to use before moving.

Organizing items helps minimizes chaos and overwhelm.

Get the decluttering project off the to-do list today. American Reclamation offers a container for garbage and household trash.


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