Glendale Yard Cleaning Tips

Have you got a messy yard and are looking for an easy and fast way to clean it up? It can be pretty taxing, but yard work is a necessary evil. First, yard cleaning ensures new growth of your grass. The sheer amount of leaves on the lawn can inhibit grass growth, creating an unsightly yard. Removing the debris exposes the grass to much-needed sunlight and fresh air circulation, which enhances growth. It also helps in controlling the pesky weeds in your yard. Another reason why yard cleaning is worthwhile is that it boosts safety and curb appeal. Eliminating debris in the yard creates a clean and safe environment for kids and pets to play. Also, edging your plants and flower beds creates a beautiful lawn. Below are Glendale yard cleaning tips to make it easy and manageable

The Best Glendale Yard Cleaning Tips

Yard cleaning is just as important as deep cleaning your home. Whether preparing the yard for unforgiving winter, summer, or spring, and easy clean-up process can make a real difference. 

Sharp tools are a must-have

Deep yard cleaning involves trimming overgrown plants and edging your lawn, and this process requires handy tools. Blunt tools can drag your project, and the last thing you need is to sacrifice your weekend and do a little job. Ensure that your garden tools are well maintained, shard and rust-free. Sharp tools make clean cuts, ensuring that your plants heal faster. Also, a clean cut keeps off plant diseases and guarantees healthier plants. Importantly, it’ll make your work easier and faster. Sharpen your shears, clippers, and pruners before beginning your yard clean-up project. 

Get a tool belt

Yard cleaning is demanding physically and time-wise; you need to have your tools ready and not waste time getting them. Having your tools close by makes your Glendale yard cleaning easy and faster. You can fit your spray bottle, shears, trowel, garden knife, pruners, clippers, and gloves. Tool belts come in different sizes to fit various projects and are comfortable to carry around.

Remove the Debris

The next step in your yard cleaning is eliminating debris. Debris must go first, from dead branches, tree stumps, stones, and leaves to grass clippings and bushes. And this is the stage where you need trash bags and containers to move the yard waste to the dump. If you need a dumpster in Glendale, American Reclamation can help. 

Glendale yard cleaning tips

Trim, prune and edge your plants

Dry plants can be a fire hazard, and overgrown bushes are a haven for pests, unhealthy plants, and invasive species. Eliminate dead and overgrown tree branches as these can creep walkways and block other plants from accessing sunlight. Pruning and trimming are excellent ways to create room for your plants to thrive. Additionally, pruning overgrown branches protect your property and passersby from damage and accidents.

Don’t bag the leaves; mulch them.

Raking, blowing, and disposing of leaves in the yard can be stressful but can be a huge source of organic nutrients for your plants. Raking and bagging them sounds like an easy option to eliminate leaves in the yard. However, mulching leaves and the grass is the best option, saving money you would have spent on plastic bags. Furthermore, it saves time to pile and mulch the waste.

Mulching can improve your soil and encourage microorganisms to live in the soil, providing nutrients to plants.

Fix the patches

Yard cleaning is a great opportunity to create a uniform look. Heavy foot traffic, diseases, weed, and yard debris can cause bare brown patches on the lawn. Fix this by removing the matted turf and the trash first. Rake the soil and add the grass seeds, fertilizers, mulch, and water. In a matter of weeks, you’ll reclaim your beautiful lawn. 

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