Los Angeles Carpet Recycling and Disposal

Los Angeles Carpet Recycling and Disposal

Los Angeles Carpet Recycling and Disposal

Do you want to roll up that old carpet for a new one? Replacing your old rug or remodeling your floors can generate a lot of carpet waste. Disposing of your carpet calls for eco-friendly ways because the carpet fibers do not break down easily. If it is time to remodel your floors and give your home a luxury touch, then trust your top-rated Los Angeles carpet recycling and disposal company. 

American Reclamation works under the endorsement of CCSP (California Carpet Stewardship Program) to collect, recycle, and dispose of old and unwanted carpeting material. We pick up and recycle carpets in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. Whether you are throwing out the rug in your living room only or doing a floor makeover on all the rooms, our carpet recycling experts will help. We have quality junk roll-off dumpsters for residential carpet removal. Contact American Reclamation for affordable carpet recycling services.

Premier carpet recycling and disposal facility in Los Angeles.

With over five decades of solid waste collection and recycling experience, we are the premier Los Angeles carpet recycling and disposal company with an excellent team of specialists. We haul whatever size of rugs, big or small, and right from your doorstep. At American Reclamation, our recycling services are affordable, and also we accept all types of carpets from residential homeowners and commercial businesses. Our recycling facility operates from Monday to Saturday and offers competitive disposal discounts.

Before you request your carpet collection service:

  1. Ensure that you or your carpet installer safely removes and packs the rug for hauling.
  2. Dry your carpet and remove any dirt, nails, tack strips, and trash.
  3. Remove the pad and cut the carpet into smaller sizes. Once you finish, you can roll it up and fold the carpet pad and call your hauler. 

When you are ready to reclaim your old carpet, give us a call or contact us through our website to get your carpet recycling quote. You will set up your pick-up day, and our dedicated carpet collection team will show up on the exact date. Remember, there are carpet recycling regulations, so it is best to consult the experts in the industry.

Is Los Angeles carpet recycling and disposal worth it?

Old carpet reclamation is an ideal way to divert it from landfills. Recycling carpets generates raw materials that manufacturers can use to make new products like insulation material, new carpets, and carpet paddings. As you recycle your carpet, you conserve the environment and natural resources like fossil fuels and save the dumping sites. 

Los Angeles carpet recycling and disposalSince we specialize in all types of residential carpets, we will inspect and assess your carpeting and flooring waste condition to see if it is a good fit for recycling or disposal. We use innovative ways to ensure that we recycle as much of your carpet as possible. Our goal is to guarantee an eco-friendly and affordable way of disposing of your residential carpet. Do you have questions about CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort) guidelines and regulations? Call the American Reclamation customer support team, and you will get the right advice.

Licensed and reliable carpet recycling.

Removing and installing a new carpet on the floors is quite a job. Scraping the glue, removing the nails, tack strips, and pulling out the rug is a hassle. And the carpet may be too big to fit in the trash bin. As your local Los Angeles carpet recycling and disposal facility, we handle the leg work. We are a licensed facility and reliable recycling center that can accept any carpet you have. We adhere to state and local programs to bring you customized and on-time carpet collection services in Los Angeles. Do you need to dispose of your flooring junk as soon as possible? Contact American Reclamation! 

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