Los Angeles Concrete Recycling and Disposal

Los Angeles Concrete Recycling and Disposal

Los Angeles Concrete Recycling and  Disposal

Are you wondering where you can take all the stashes of used concrete you have? American Reclamation offers Los Angeles concrete recycling and disposal. Concrete waste is non-toxic, and you can produce substantial waste from just about any construction or demolition job that involves concrete structures. If you are constructing, the first stages may involve tearing driveways, pavements, or sidewalks made of concrete. 

Recycling concrete has substantial benefits to builders and the environment. However, as a contractor, you may not have the energy or the equipment to divert and recycle concrete waste. American Reclamation is your Los Angeles concrete recycling and disposal facility.

Best Los Angeles Concrete Recycling and Disposal

We not only have unparalleled construction waste recycling and disposal, but we are also proud to have a knowledgeable crew. Unlike other roll-off container rentals that haul concrete waste to a third party, we handle the concrete recycling and disposal process from start to end. 

Dump your concrete debris at our central drop-off centers, or we can dispatch a team to your job site to haul the waste. Check online to book our recycling services beforehand or contact us at (888) 999-9330.

Full Service Concrete Recycling & Disposal in the Los Angeles Metro Area

Los Angeles concrete recycling and disposalDo you have concrete taking up too much space on a big project? Throwing it in the landfill has no value addition. We are the pros in the City of Los Angeles concrete recycling and disposal. Serving the entire metro area to recycle a minimum of 90% of concrete debris. Whether you have small amounts of concrete that you can haul to our disposal center or have tons that need our help, American Reclamation is the best in the business.  

Recycled concrete has several uses. You can crush and use old concrete as an aggregate instead of sand and gravel. Additionally, you can use this material as road fill, mulch, build artificial reefs, foundation material, fill gabions, and so much more. So, if you are knocking concrete walls down, contact us to facilitate pick up, recycling, and disposal of old concrete.

Why Choose American Reclamation for Concrete Disposal?

  • We have unmatched recycling and disposal experience. American Reclamation has over fifty years of construction and demolition recycling under our belt, and we know the best solution for your old concrete.
  • We work with everyone in need of recycling services. At American Reclamation, we accept concrete waste from any general public member, business owners, and other waste haulers that need quality recycling services.
  • American Reclamation is certified. We have the license to operate a construction and demolition recycling center here in Los Angeles. As an accredited facility by the CalRecycle, we receive, sort, and process concrete debris while adhering to the highest standards of product recycling.
  • We have flexible services. At American Reclamation, we offer flexible services to our clients. So, whether you need us to work from the ground up or looking to pull your truckloads of concrete, there is a waste solution for everyone.
  • With automatic and fully serviced hybrid equipment, we guarantee an efficient service to our customers. You don't have to wait for several hours to load or offload your concrete waste at our facility. Also, we have containers for C&D material for rental, whether for residential or commercial jobs. 
  • American Reclamation is family-run. We add a mix of professionalism and a personal touch to every project and a family-feel, so you are given the priority you deserve. Our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship has given us a competitive advantage over others, and we can help you.

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