Los Angeles Construction Debris Disposal

Los Angeles Construction Debris Disposal

Los Angeles Construction Debris Disposal

If you are a local here in Los Angeles, you may know that construction and demolition projects are part of daily activities. These projects range from constructions of buildings, demolition of structures, remodels, and roofing projects. The amounts of dust, rubbles, concrete, dirt, wood, metal, cardboard, etc., can be nerve-wracking. If you can't keep up with the stress of having C&D on your project, you need a dependable Los Angeles construction disposal service. As you probably know, in LA, there is a set of construction and disposal rules. Contractors and residential property owners must comply with these guidelines to minimize C&D waste in the landfills.

Your Full Service Los Angeles Construction Debris Disposal Team

Welcome to American Reclamation, a fully equipped construction waste management company committed to recovering and recycling C&D waste. Our cutting-edge equipment and vast experience will help you sort and divert the debris you generate on your construction or demolition site. Regardless of the C&D garbage volume, and whether residential, commercial, or industrial, we will provide a low-cost service that meets your needs. We understand how complex construction and demolition projects can be thanks to decades of industry experience, so we bring custom solutions to every project. Our innovative construction waste experts, drivers, and customer representatives will offer direct support from start to finish.

What C&D waste do you accept?

Knowing the type of C&D waste a Los Angeles construction debris disposal facility takes is vital since not all have the equipment to haul such debris. At American Reclamation, we are proud to transport all kinds of clean and mixed construction and demolition garbage. 

Los Angeles construction debris disposalClean construction or demolition garbage refers to single types of debris. For example, disposing of concrete without mixing it with any other debris material, and it is easy to recycle this type of waste. Mixed C&D waste, on the other hand, is a combination of more than one type of construction waste in one roll-off bin. Disposing of the latter can be more costly. However, it shouldn't stress you because we have an ultra-modern automated separation machine to facilitate safe, fast, and less expensive sorting of commingled construction debris. 

The common debris we haul includes concrete, bricks, cardboards, woods, drywall, carpets, plumbing waste, wiring, scrap plastics, dirt, metals, tiles, and so much more.

All you need to get rid of all the garbage you have is to schedule a construction roll-off. We have a variety of roll-offs for your unique C&D waste. 

Where do you dispose of C&D waste in Los Angeles?

Construction and demolition debris is a bulky and non-hazardous waste that you can reuse and recycle. Landfill and environmental spaces are getting lesser every day, and we adopt alternative eco-friendly routes to recycle over three-quarters of construction waste. As we recycle, we help you be efficient and achieve a quality rating as a builder or remodel contractor. Do you want to grab your disposal deal right now? We have an online self-service portal so you can schedule your C&D disposal service. Book or give us a call to help you and answer any questions.

What is the cost of disposing of construction and demolition debris in Los Angeles?

Opting for complete construction waste disposal services is the choice many contractors make to save time and money. While disposal of construction and demolition debris comes at a cost, we offer turnkey disposal service at a competitively low price with no extra hidden fees. Our collection services include a roll-off dumpster, delivery, pick up, and continuous support throughout the project. Our material recovery facility's location is strategic to serve clients near and far with fast drop off and pick up services. Make your construction site green with our hybrid roll-off dumpsters today. We are ready whether you have a little demo or a complete building tear down. 

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