Los Angeles Dumpster Permits

Do You Need a Dumpster Permit in Los Angeles?

Does your construction project in Los Angeles involve access to a public right of way? You will need construction permits, and luckily, American Reclamation can help you understand the permit requirements and get one in Los Angeles.

Whether you have renovation projects like gutters, driveway, or sidewalk renovations or extensive construction jobs like installing a sewer system, creating alleyways, or constructing bridges, permits are imperative.

These permits are legal requirements so that your project is in line with the Los Angeles Municipal Codes.

What are the types of construction permits available in Los Angeles?

There are two construction permits: class “A” and class “B” construction permits. 

You will need to pull either of these permits depending on your construction projects.

los angeles dumpster permits

Class A construction permit

You will require this construction permit if you need to repair the sidewalk, driveway approaches, gutters, etc. The process of getting a Class A construction permit can be seamless. You can fill the permit application form online or visit the Bureau of Engineering offices in Los Angeles.  

Class B construction permit

This is the permit you will need to work on extensive construction jobs on public property. Some of the projects that require a Class B permit include; bridges constructions, installation of storm drains, street lighting, changing the street grade, and much more. 

You can get this permit by filling the application form here or visit the Bureau of Engineering offices.

Remember that you will need to get an excavation permit if you need to do some excavation or create trenches. 

Construction trash removal services.

Do you need waste disposal services in Los Angeles? Perhaps you need help with construction permits? American Reclamation offers excellent disposal dumpsters for construction and renovation projects in Los Angeles and beyond. Whether you are renovating the sidewalks, driveway, or extensive projects, we can swiftly eliminate the debris.