Los Angeles Green Waste Disposal

Los Angeles Green Waste Disposal

Los Angeles Green Waste Disposal

To maintain your lawn or yard in a healthy and appealing condition, you need regular property and landscaping services. And what results is significant green waste. Did you know that a state law provision requires you to properly manage your yard trimmings, grass clippings, and any other green waste?  

Take all your recyclable yard trimmings, branches, and grass waste to a green waste composting facility for effective management. 

Construction companies and professional landscapers can rely on American Reclamation for Los Angeles green waste recycling. We have a stellar reputation for keeping the environment clean and adopting innovative green waste recycling methods. Due to current regulations, you cannot dump green waste at the landfills. Contact us for more green waste recycling information.

Versatile dumpsters for green waste.

Truckloads of green waste can be a hassle to handle, and sometimes you may need more than just the curbside cart to dispose of your green waste. At American Reclamation, we have versatile bins and roll-off dumpsters for regular weekly green waste collection service and special request hauling services. We support Los Angeles green waste recycling at our facilities including tree branches, stumps, shrubs, grasses, leaves, all types of untreated wood waste from residential properties, construction sites, and green waste from non-residential areas.

Where can you take your green waste?

One of the best green waste disposal options is recycling. There are chipping and grinding facilities like American Reclamation that accept, process, and recycle green waste. Green waste processing facilities will provide customized collection services to ensure that you have separate bins for yard debris. 

Alternatively, a hauler can help you transfer green waste to the landfill to be used as an alternative daily cover. To minimize the recycling costs of green waste, ensure that you don’t mix with other garbage. 

What happens to your green waste at our recycling facility?

los angeles green waste disposalAs an approved and licensed green waste chipping and a grinding facility in Los Angeles, our primary goal is to renew green waste into other environmentally friendly products. We process chunks of wood waste into smaller chips that are an excellent renewable energy source and grind the green waste into mulch. Mulch is suitable for landscaping, controlling dust, weeds control, and water conservation. No matter how many truckloads of green waste you have, our facility adheres to the set industry standards and can handle up to 499 tons of Los Angeles green waste recycling per day.  

Additionally, your green waste can be used as a landfill’s alternative daily cover. This saves the virgin soil used as a cover in the dumps and guarantees an alternative, less costly way of green waste disposal. 

What sets our Los Angeles green waste recycling facility apart?

We have an industrial size electric roto chopper that processes pieces of wood waste fast and efficiently. As the leading Los Angeles green waste recycling facility, we exceed your service expectations and process hundreds of green waste tons every day. We guarantee speedy transfer services, so you don’t have to keep landscaping waste for long.

We have a professional team operating a major recycling facility.

With decades of running and managing the most prominent and green waste recycling facility in Los Angeles, American Reclamation prides itself in having an easy-to-work-with team of skilled professionals. Whether you have green waste from your back yard or a non-residential area, our team provides five-star services.

Affordable green waste recycling services.

Whether you need green waste collection services in Burbank, Glendale, or South San Gabriel, we provide affordable green waste collection and recycling services. You can reach us through our toll-free line, email, or an online portal to get a free quote. Do you need a one-time yard waste collection service? Call for a roll-off. Are you looking for a two-wheel green cart or front load bins for your business? American Reclamation has all your green waste needs covered.

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