Los Angeles Tire Recycling

Los Angeles Tire Recycling

Los Angeles Tire Recycling

Do you have scrap automobile tires taking up space in your garage or car repair shop? With an increasing number of vehicles registered, Los Angeles County has to deal with ten million plus scrap tires every year. Dumping tires at the landfill can be more dangerous than you imagine. First, tires dumped at landfills can trap methane gas, damage the landfill layers, and are flammable and release toxic smoke. Waste tires lying around can also breed mosquitoes and other pests that can cause diseases. 

Proper and innovative tire recycling is vital to lessen the environmental and health impacts of waste tires. American Reclamation is the best Los Angeles tire recycling center. We partner with and are licensed by the state of California under CalRecycle to operate a C&D recycling facility. As a material recovery facility serving customers in Los Angeles, we use innovative ways to recycle scrap tires into useful products. From individuals with tires at home to commercial businesses, we provide convenient tire hauling and recycling services.

Why recycle tires?

los angeles tire recyclingWhen waste tires in the landfill trap methane gas, they become buoyant, rise to the surface and the airspace and groundwater.

Diverting end-of-life tires from landfills and recycling them is one of the best ways to reduce illegal tire disposal and save the landfill airspace. 

Los Angeles tire recycling also produces in-demand products like tire-derived fuel, which yields the same energy as oil. Unlike other coals, the ash residue from tire combustion to generate TDF has fewer heavy metals and is hence less hazardous.

Other products you can get from recycling tires include ground rubber, which can make asphalt rubber, synthetic fields, mulch, animal beddings, and other products.

Save the environment and landfills by engaging the right facility for your Los Angeles tire recycling. We offer the best tire recycling services in Los Angeles to businesses and residents alike. So whether you have old tires in the garage, yard, workshop, or in your warehouse, we can help you dispose of it. 

Low-cost Los Angeles tire recycling services.

Do you run a car repair shop or dealership and need affordable, repeat tire removal and recycling services? We have your back. With over 30 years in the waste management business, we offer professional and affordable old tire removal and recycling services. Worn out tires or extra tires lying around takes up a lot of space and are just not pleasant things to have around. We have low-cost rental trailers you can place in your shop or dealership for efficient scrap tire disposal. 

Our professional Los Angeles tire recycling team will haul the filled up trailers or roll-offs for proper off site recycling at our facility. Stockpiling waste tires against the California guidelines can result in legal actions and fines. Contact American Reclamation to help you take care of your old tires. Do you have questions about tire recycling? American Reclamation has the best-in-class customer representatives to answer them.

Turn your scrap tires into useful products.

If you run a commercial car repair shop, dealership, or any business that deals with vehicle tires, you need documentation to show how you manage the old tires. American Reclamation helps you turn ruined, extra, or worn-out tires into quality and new products, earning you the credits and a manifest to show your compliance with the state law. We do the tire pick-up and offer reliable, clean services so that you have an easy time handling compliance with regulations. 

Whether you need to remove tires weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, American Reclamation can accommodate your time frame. We have trailers and a variety of dumpster sizes to cater to your specific tire recycling needs. Waste tires shouldn’t stress you anymore; let us transfer all the old tires into a premier Los Angeles tire recycling facility. Contact American Reclamation for customized and dependable service.

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Additional Services

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