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American Reclamation, Inc. offers recycling services and owns and operates a 4-acre clean material recovery center (MRF) near the interchange of the 5 and 134 freeways in the City of Los Angeles and directly adjacent to Glendale, CA where we provide the following recycling services:

Our recycling services are offered at our clean material recovery facility located at 4560 Doran Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039 near the interchange of the 5 and 134 freeways and between the Los Angeles River and San Fernando Road.  Our Buy Back Center, at 5487 W. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90039, is located one block to the East on the corner of Doran Street and West San Fernando Road. Enter the Buy Back Center from the driveway on  West San Fernando Road.

Los Angeles recycling services

Construction, Demolition and Inert Debris Facility

American Reclamation, Inc. is permitted by the State of California Integrated Waste Management Board (CalRecycle) to operate as a medium-volume processor of construction, demolition and inert debris (C&D) for material recovery purposes.  Our C&D recycling facility, located at 4560 Doran Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039, can accept and process up to 174 tons per day of C&D and is also an approved C&D processing facility for the Cities of Los Angeles, Burbank, Calabasas, Commerce, Glendale, Malibu, Montebello, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Vernon. As well as the Unincorporated cities of Los Angeles.

At our facility, we operate a 12-person automated conveyor sort line for the segregation/separation of commingled materials, an automated McClosky screen for the separation of small-size inert material (such as gravel, rock, sand, dirt) for reuse, and various loaders, forklifts and trucks for the movement and processing of materials. Our recycling rate for mixed or diversion rate, as rated by the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, consistently exceeds 70%.

This is important for contractors who need to file a final C&D waste compliance report with the County of Los Angeles or other individual cities that require a C&D recycling services rate of 65% or higher for construction, demolition and remodeling projects for refund of required performance deposits back to building contractors and/or property owners.

The C&D materials we accept and recycle are:

  • Asphalt
  • Carpet Padding
  • Dirt
  • Electrical Wire
  • Porcelain
  • Brick Cement Drywall & Plaster
  • Metal Fixtures/Flashing
  • Rock/Stone
  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Electrical Conduit
  • Pipe (metal & plastic)
  • Wood Waste
  • Scrap Plastics: #1 – PET, #2 – HDPE, #3 – Poly Vinyl (PVC), #4 – LDPE, and #5 – Polypropylene (PP)

Green Waste Processing Facility

American Reclamation, Inc. recycling services is permitted by the State of California Integrated Waste Management Board (CalRecycle) to operate as a medium-volume chipping and grinding facility for compostable materials such as green waste (e.g.: tree pruning and yard trimmings) and wood waste (e.g.: lumber, pallets, wood cabinets/furniture).  

We are also an approved chipping and grinding processing facility for the Cities of

Our chipping and grinding facility operates an industrial-size electric Roto Chopper that turns large loads of wood waste and green waste into wood chips (<= 3.0 inches in size) and mulch (<= 1.0 in size) in mere minutes. The wood chips are delivered as renewable energy to clean waste-to-energy power plants. 

The mulch is delivered to local municipalities and private customers for landscaping and water-conservation purposes. Our chipping and grinding facility is located at 4560 Doran Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039 and can accept and process 499 tons per day of unprocessed green waste and wood waste. Delivered compostable material is restricted to pieces less than 4 feet length and 8 inches in diameter or width. Otherwise, additional oversize charges are levied at our scale house.

Paper Recycling Services

Our company owners the Gasparian Family have been in the paper recycling business operating under the name of South Coast Fibers since 1947.  Our paper yard, also located at 4560 Doran Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039, accepts and recycles all types and grades of waste paper

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Computer Paper
  • Colored Ledger
  • Chipboard
  • Mixed Office
  • Paper White
  • Ledger
  • Paperboard
  • Newsprint
  • Other Types & Grades depending on volume

At our paper yard, we operate a high-density bolegraph horizontal baler for the processing of all processed and separated paper into 72-inch bales prior to shipment for use at domestic and overseas mills and end users. We also provide re-baling of other companies’ smaller bales of paper and recyclable materials for preparation of sale and shipment.      

We routinely purchase loads of corrugated cardboard dropped off at our facility (with a minimum volume of 20 lbs.) and will also purchase loads of computer paper and newsprint with sufficient volume and weight depending on current market conditions. Our purchase prices to suppliers for scrap paper will vary on a month-to-month basis in accordance with fluctuations in the Los Angeles metro-area scrap paper market.

Please contact us at either toll-free phone 1-888-999-9330 or Contact Us for our current door prices or for special bid pricing if you have cardboard and/or scrap paper volumes exceeding 3 tons (6,000 lbs. per month).

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Los Angeles recycling services

Recyclable Commodity Pick Up Service

For large volumes of recyclable materials, American Reclamation, Inc. offers rental of temporary bins and roll-off containers for C&D, inert material (e.g.: asphalt, brick, cement, concrete, dirt, rock/stone), carpet green waste, loose paper, scrap metals and scrap plastic. 

For baled and palletized material, we offer 53-foot flatbed trailers (with piggy back forklift if needed) and covered vans for hauling by semi-tractor trucks. We operate our own fleet of clean alternative fuel roll-off and clean diesel semi-tractor trailer trucks. Contact us at either toll-free phone 1-888-999-9330 or Contact Us for a quote for the pickup of recyclable commodities.

Buy-Back Community Recycling Services Center for CRV Containers and Scrap Metal

Our buy-back recycling center, operating under the name of South Coast Fibers, Inc., is located at 5487 W. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90039 and is open to the public for recycling and monetary redemption or purchase of:

  • CRV beverage containers
    • California Container Redemption Value (CRV) containers: Plastic water and drink bottles, glass beer and drink bottles (but not wine bottles), aluminum cans.
    • Not California CRV containers: Wine and liquor bottles, wax cartons and aseptic (foil-lined) beverage containers. We do not pay for non-CRV beverage containers.
  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Glass beer and beverage bottles
  • PET plastic beverage bottles
  • Plastic juice and milk containers

We offer standard State of California published beverage container rates to the public and local California-based suppliers. We pay on the spot at our cashier window for CRV containers.  By law, we have to wait 3 business days to pay for scrap metal because we have to report transaction to police in case the metal was stolen.

All types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals including:

  • Aluminum (all types including painted and unpainted MLC, 6061 and 6063)
  • Brass (yellow and red brass fixtures)
  • Copper (including copper pipe, insulated and uninsulated wire, copper plate)
  • Iron
  • Steel (stainlees steel, rebar, cans, galvanized pipe)
  • Mixed Metals (alloys, wheel rims, electrical conduit, metal auto and HVAC parts, white goods)

We provide certified weight tickets to all customers dropping off material and pay cash on the spot at our buy back center cashier window.

Our scrap metal prices to the public and local suppliers may change with fluctuations in the local scrap metal markets but are competitive with the typical small volumes processed by most community recycling centers.  Please Contact Us or toll-free at 1-888-999-9330 for our current door prices for scrap metal or for special bid pricing if you have a scrap metal volume exceeding 2,000 lbs. per load.

Los Angeles recycling services

Carpet Recycling Services

American Reclamation is a designated Los Angeles County collection site for recyclable residential carpet and foam padding on behalf of the California Carpet Stewardship Program administered by Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and managed by CalRecycle in accordance State of California law AB 2398. 

We offer a discounted residential carpet and carpet padding drop-off rate at our recycling facility at 4560 Doran Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039 as well as temporary bin and roll-off container pickup services for residential carpet and padding at competitive rates. For more information about this program, please download the Carpet Recycling brochure available on the Current Literature tab or go to the following link:

Tire Recycling

  • In 2019, American Reclamation made the decision to become active in the waste tire recycling business in effort to “close the loop” and create reusable products from our waste tires, such as tire-derived fuel (TDF) and crumb rubber to be used for multiple applications such as rubberized asphalt and infill for artificial grass. We offer standard roll-off container sizes, as well as 53’ trailers to be placed at commercial businesses for proper waste tire disposal. We provide all documentation to CalRecycle utilizing a waste tire manifest to ensure proper reporting requirements are met.
  • In 2012, California Assemble Bill 1647 (AB 1647) was passed which states a person who stores, stockpiles, or accumulates waste tires in violation of the provisions regulating the storage, stockpiling, or accumulation of waste tires to clean up those waste tires and abate the effects of the waste tires or take other necessary remedial actions in the case of threatened pollution or nuisance.
  • This law made it necessary for people to be accountable and created a way to regulate tire generators to recycle their waste tires properly. This also created a need for facilities and haulers like American Reclamation to properly collect and recycle waste tires.

E-Waste Drop Off

American Reclamation, Inc. is a CalRecycle certified drop-off center for electronic waste. We provide free drop-off of flat-screen TV’s, cell phones, laptops/notebook computers, personal desktop computers, tablet computers, and LED monitors by users and local businesses and organizations in the Los Angeles metro area.  These products are collected, sorted, disassembled, and 100% recycled. We charge $0.10 per lb. for E-Waste drop off.

Scale House and Weight Tickets

American Reclamation, Inc.’s scale house at 4560 Doran Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039 has 2 each 70-foot public truck scales (inbound and outbound) and provides certified weight tickets for all loads of recyclable materials delivered to our clean material recovery facility (MRF).  Customer payment for delivered C&D, green waste, inert material, non-CRV scrap plastics can be made by either cash, credit card or invoiced on approved credit accounts. All loads are subject to inspection, and all trucks and vehicles delivering recyclable materials are required to be weighed full prior to dumping and weighed again empty prior to exiting our premises.

Additional Services

Front Loader

We provide recurring and one-time collection services, and multi-family and commercial waste and recycling.

Roll Off Rental

At American Reclamation we specialize in Roll-off Bin and Dumpster Rentals in Burbank and surrounding areas.

Organic Waste

Organics Recycling for any Business, Multifamily Residence, Non-profit Organization, or Government Agency

Product Destruction

We provide inexpensive, confidential and certified product and material destruction and disposal at an affordable rate.


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