Santa Clarita Garage Organizing Tips

Are you ready to tackle and organize one of the messiest rooms in your home? Undoubtedly, the garage is the “take-it-all” space and it can be a mess pretty quickly. Life happens and before you blink an eye, sporting equipment, holiday decorations, bikes, and brooms end up in the garage. Luckily, putting your garage back in order is achievable.  Depending on the scale of the mess, you need to set up enough time and create a budget to help you achieve your garage decluttering goals. Below are Santa Clarita garage organizing tips to help you transform your horrendously messy garage. 

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Garage cleaning and decluttering can be quite some work. And to accomplish your mission, you need the necessary tools for the project. Our Santa Clarita garage organizing tips wouldn’t be complete without sharing these tools.

Some of the must-have things to organize a garage include:

  • Generous amount of time. That’s right! A messy home garage will need a day, if not several hours, to declutter, clean, and organize it well. It can take time to declutter, fix, clean, organize and, in some cases—run to the store for more materials and supplies.
  • Fixing tools. Chances are, your garage requires some fixing. So make sure to have your tools ready, and these include drills and hammers.
  • Trash bins and bags. You will have to dispose of some items in your garage, and what better way than to dump them in a dumpster? A right-size trash bin is handy to contain all the debris in your garage. And luckily, you can count on American Reclamation to get a less-costly trash dumpster.
  • Cleaning supplies. Dusting and cleaning are imperative to keep your garage in excellent condition. You will need to get cleaning supplies to clean the room and items before storing them away.

Santa Clarita garage organizing tips

Know the budget-friendly ways to organize a garage

Organizing your garage —whether it has years’ worth of junk—doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are excellent budget-friendly ways to organize your garage regardless of its size.

  • Declutter. The most crucial and cost-effective strategy is to eliminate garage junk when purging a garage. Disposing unwanted stuff is a great way to create space without building a new storage area. Sort through your item sections one at a time to determine things to discard. You can decide to donate, sell, or dump.
  • Capitalize on the vertical space. Instead of putting items back on the garage floor, you can install shelvings on the wall and ceiling. You can build the shelves and cabinets the DIY way or consider buying pre-built units. One great thing about using shelves and cabinets is that it makes it convenient to store items and boosts accessibility and safety in your garage.
  • Utilize storage containers. Another budget-friendly idea to organize your garage in Santa Clarita is to use storage bins. Plastic bins are a surefire way to organize a messy garage, group, and label your items before storage. Also, plastic containers are stackable so that you can pile them on top of each other.

Understand things that you should not store in a garage?

You’ve organized your garage and probably wondering how to keep it that way for long. Often, things that clutter your garage are stuff that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

The secret to keeping an organized garage is to know the things you shouldn’t store in the garage.

Electronics and toys, for instance, are some of the things you shouldn’t keep in your garage, and extreme temperatures can damage such items. Also, stuffed toys can be a haven for pests—and you don’t want to deal with pesky pests in your garage.

Other things to keep off your garage floor include: food, beverages, wood furniture, clothes, books, collectibles, propane, and carpeting.

The reason not to keep this stuff in your garage is that moisture and extreme temperatures can damage them.

Furthermore, unwanted items in the garage can attract pests.

Ready to put these Santa Clarita garage organizing tips to good use? Let American Reclamation provide the dumpster rental to remove all the junk so you can get organized! Contact us today.


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