Los Angeles Asphalt Disposal

Los Angeles Asphalt Disposal

Los Angeles Asphalt Disposal

Are you looking for a Los Angeles asphalt disposal?  If you are demolishing up your driveway or repairing a street, then chances are you have asphalt waste that you can’t leave lying around. Renovating your driveway means that you have to juggle between bringing in new paving material and disposing old asphalt. American Reclamation offers Los Angeles asphalt disposal services for residential homeowners and commercial industries. If you are looking for a local, family-owned asphalt disposal facility with a commendable track record of solid waste disposal, then you are in the right place. We accept, haul, and process hundreds of tons of C&D debris, including asphalt, per day. 

The Eco-Friendly Way to Dispose of Asphalt

Old asphalt is an excellent waste that can be recycled to make new asphalt material for pavement and road construction projects. We comply with the local, state, and federal guidelines at our solid waste management center to keep our recycling rate at over 70%. 

When choosing your Los Angeles asphalt disposal option, consider the size and weight of your rubble. You will need a debris container to haul your waste to the disposal center. We provide an all-inclusive low-cost dumpster rental for your Los Angeles asphalt disposal. With our user-friendly online portal, you can book a container delivery for the next day. 

You can contact our office to discuss various roll-offs. Ranging from 10, 25, 30, 35 to 40 cubic yard containers, you can pick a good fit for your project. These standard sizes are the optimum dumpsters to cover any size project, and you can order these roll-offs when it is convenient for you. Do you want an estimate of the asphalt disposal cost? Request your quote online or call us for a quick custom waste disposal quote.  

How Do You Prepare Asphalt for Disposal?

Asphalt is a durable and heavy construction material that can be quite a hassle to load and haul. Prepare your debris for disposal before loading it into the truck. If you are tearing your driveway, break up the asphalt debris into small chunks. Place your roll-off container on site, load, and call for disposal. You can dump asphalt at the C&D recycling company, donate it, or take it to the transfer station/landfill.

Los Angeles asphalt disposalAt American Reclamation, we offer expeditious garbage removal services whether you choose to self-haul or let us pick up the debris. As a trusted facility, we facilitate the filing of construction and demolition debris compliance reports for contractors in Los Angeles. Choose our premier Los Angeles asphalt disposal service and get a team of qualified professionals to help with your project. Our customers enjoy satisfactorily, convenient, and reliable trash disposal.

Five-Star Rated Los Angeles Asphalt Disposal Service

Are you looking for the next day residential service? American Reclamation has modern equipment and trucks for quality and fast service. We’ve been serving thousands of residential customers and contractors for over thirty years in Los Angeles. As the leader in recycling and environmental protection, we can handle any debris size. With our complete service, we guarantee a clean and professional removal of your C&D material. We are standing by to guide you and provide a sustainable disposal solution like recycling and earn you helpful C&D management reports. 

We conduct an on-site project audit if you need a professional to go over your demolition project and provide a reliable estimate. Also, we will help you determine the size, weight, and cost of your waste removal. We keep the costs to the minimum and offer free consultation sessions over the phone. Are you ready to haul your asphalt to the material recovery facility? Don’t let it break you. American Reclamation is your reliable partner.

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