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We understand why material and product destruction is a vital aspect in keeping your business safe and efficient. Product defects occur; purchasing departments or distribution centers over-ordered; label, packaging and product specifications are revised; the expiration date has been reached; and fashions and tastes change.  Products and/or materials your company or organization hoped to sell, now need to be scrapped and destroyed. You can’t sell them due to potential product liability issues resulting from production errors.

You can’t donate them because it would be unfair to your customers who previously paid for them.  You can’t risk getting the printed packaging and labeled product out in the field because you need to protect your brand and company name.

Often, the value of the goods isn’t worth the cost of shipping back to the original manufacturer or your factory to be reworked, refurbished, re-manufactured or repackaged. American Reclamation can help.

product destruction

We provide inexpensive confidential and certified product and material destruction and disposal using the following methods:

  • Certified product destruction and disposal at licensed landfill.  Nothing can be quite as destructive to goods as being run over by a landfill soil compactor with cleats and then being buried by tons of other garbage – forever.
  • Certified Recycling: Baling with other material of the same recyclable commodity type (such as cardboard or plastic) at American Reclamation’s own recycling facility and then transported to domestic and overseas mills or processors of raw materials to be broken down and converted to raw materials for sales to manufacturers to be made into new and different products. You're printed and branded cardboard packaging becomes someone else’s Kraft paper wrapping, newspaper or toilet paper roll. Your defective plastic or metal product becomes someone else’s stainless steel water bottle, beer can, car bumper or other product. Recycling provides the least wasteful option and environmentally friendly for goods that need to be destroyed.

With either of the above two certified product destruction and disposal options, American Reclamation provides certificates of destruction or disposal, bill of lading and certified weight tickets for the processed goods and materials so you have written proof for your records. 

We can even arrange for photos of the specific destruction and/or disposal process. And, if desired, you can have your own employee follow our truck to the landfill or recycling yard. We will even sign a non-disclosure agreement if you want.

American Reclamation, Inc. provides confidential pickup of goods and materials for certified destruction and disposal using either a semi-truck with 53-foot enclosed locking trailer or roll-off truck with 40-cubic yard roll-off container with 7-foot high sides (either open-top or enclosed storage container).  For dry-packaged goods and materials, we provide reasonable rates based on hauling charges to customer’s location and a processing/disposal rate per lb. or ton based on the total weight of material to be destroyed and disposed.

Limitations: American Reclamation, Inc. will only pickup and process dry goods and materials for certified product destruction and disposal.  We don’t handle hazardous materials or process liquids in bulk. We can provide quotation for third-party certified processing and disposal of hazardous and liquid materials in bulk using licensed hazardous materials processing companies.

To obtain a quote for certified product destruction and disposal, please contact American Reclamation, Inc. by calling toll-free at 1-888-999-9330 or Contact Us.

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