Los Angeles Dirt Disposal

Los Angeles Dirt Disposal

Los Angeles Dirt Disposal

Are you an excavator or contractor looking for a cheaper way to take care of your Los Angeles dirt disposal? Disposing of dirt can be unnecessarily complicated, but with American Reclamation to lean on, you found the affordable, best, and quicker way to toss away dirt. When handling dirt, whether from a grading/excavation project, landscaping, or yard cleanup, you need to consider the best debris disposal options for these types of waste. 

Having dirt sit on site can be an eyesore, and also, it may be prohibited by the homeowners association if you’re working inside a community managed by one. With over 25,000 proud and happy customers, our job is to help you with debris disposal. We can handle dirt disposal, rocks, organic and green waste, and much more.

How do you manage Los Angeles dirt disposal?

Are you doing an excavation job and stuck with dirt? There are several dirt disposal options for projects in the Los Angeles area. 

  • You can reuse or donate the dirt for other projects.

If you have clean dirt free from hazardous waste, you can repurpose it for other projects like topsoil, landscaping, filling soil, or making garden beds. According to the Los Angeles county guidelines, you should recycle or reuse at least 65% of your construction and demolition debris, including dirt. If reusing is not your option, you can donate to organizations or anyone that needs clean soil for reuse. You can consider programs like Los Angeles County Materials Exchange Programs, where you can list your pure waste materials.

The flip side about this Los Angeles dirt disposal option is that it is not a guarantee to find someone who needs free dirt fast. And you may have to deal with heaps of rocks and soil in the yard for a while. It is not always a viable option if you have a construction project, and you need to clear the site.

  • Haul the dirt to the landfill.

Do you have extra time to clean out the dirt? You can haul the waste to the nearest landfill or recycling facility. Moving the dirt yourself can potentially be manageable, and you can take your time to clean up the site. Always know that dirt disposal is labor-intensive, will cost you landfill fees, and you can manage to haul small amounts of dirt at a time. Also, you will need a truck to haul the debris. 

  • Hire a Los Angeles dirt disposal company.

Large-scale projects like drilling, excavations, grading, landscaping, digging of foundations, or any other jobs that need you to move grounds can generate massive dirt. Excavation jobs, for example, can create many tons of dirt, which requires an efficient disposal solution. 

American Reclamation is the #1 Los Angeles Dirt Disposal Solution

los angeles dirt disposalThe best option we recommend for this kind of project is to hire a dirt disposal expert. Rent a dirt dumpster from a Los Angeles dumpster rental company, throw in the dirt, and the disposal guys will haul the waste. At American Reclamation, we take care of your most challenging jobs and keep the projects rolling with various roll-offs. Dirt is heavy waste material, and we have 3, 10, 25, 30, 35, and 40 cubic yard dumpsters for the job. 

The ten yarders are usually the best for dirt material since it is a heavy material. You should note that the weight of dirt depends on its moisture levels.

Whether you’re a residential drilling job or a commercial excavation project, our team is easy to work with and always professional.

We offer the lowest Los Angeles dirt disposal costs, and you can get your service quickly. All our rental roll-off bins are available online, and you can rely on user-friendly online scheduling to keep your project rolling.

Ready to get rid of eyesore dirt in the yard? Contact American Reclamation or get a quote online. 

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