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Organic Waste Processing Facility

American Reclamation, Inc. is permitted by the State of California Integrated Waste Management Board (CalRecycle) to operate as a medium-volume chipping and grinding facility for compostable and organic waste materials such as green waste (e.g.: tree pruning's and yard trimmings) and wood waste (e.g.: lumber, pallets, wood cabinets/furniture).  We are also an approved chipping and grinding processing facility for the following  cities of Los Angeles county:

  • Burbank
  • Calabasas
  • Commerce
  • Glendale
  • Malibu
  • Montebello
  • Pasadena
  • Santa Monica and
  • Vernon 

As well as the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County such as:

  • Altadena
  • East Los Angeles
  • La Crescenta
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Montrose
  • South San Gabriel
  • View Park
  • Windsor Hills

Our chipping and grinding facility operates an industrial-size electric Roto Chopper that turns large loads of wood organic waste and green organic waste into wood chips (<= 3.0 inches in size) and mulch (<= 1.0 in size) in mere minutes.  The wood chips are delivered as renewable energy to clean waste-to-energy power plants. The mulch is delivered to local municipalities and private customers for landscaping and water-conservation purposes. Our chipping and grinding facility is located at 4560 Doran Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039 and can accept and process 499 tons per day of unprocessed green waste and wood waste. Delivered compostable material is restricted to pieces less than 4 feet length and 8 inches in diameter or width. Otherwise, additional oversize charges are levied at our scale house.

Los Angeles organic waste

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American Reclamation, Inc. can provide 2-wheel cart, front-loading bin, roll-off dumpster and self-contained trash compactor organics recycling collection services in the cities of Burbank, Commerce, Glendale, Montebello, Pasadena and Vernon as well as the unincorporated Los Angeles County communities of Altadena, East Los Angeles, La Crescenta, Montrose and South San Gabriel.  Roll-off dumpster services for green waste recycling are also available for the cities Calabasas, Los Angeles, Malibu and Santa Monica.

Contact American Reclamation at either toll-free phone 1-888-999-9330 or email [email protected] to obtain a quote for organic waste recycling collection services or for more information pertaining to mandatory organics recycling.

Why Recycle Organic Waste

Organic waste composes 40% of waste material disposed in California landfills.  When organic materials biodegrade and decompose under the anaerobic conditions of sanitary landfills, methane (CH4) gas is generated and escapes into the earth’s atmosphere.  Methane is the 2nd most prevalent greenhouse gas, next to carbon dioxide (CO2) causing climate change. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, methane accounts for 10% of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. “Pound for pound, the comparative impact of CH4 on climate change is 25 times greater than CO2 (carbon dioxide) over a 100-year period.”  By reducing and recycling their organic waste, Californians can reduce methane gas emissions and improve the environment and air quality.

Organics waste recycling is not just another way to conserve landfill space, but rather a state requirement that municipal sanitation departments and commercial waste haulers have to offer and provide to protect our air and our environment.  This is an existential quality of life issue that everyone has to commit to resolving together and be willing to change existing personal behaviors and organizational practices. Organics recycling may appear costly and difficult to implement and perform  for some organizations, businesses and property owners, but American Reclamation, Inc. can assist with and provide you with the options you need.

Food Donation

The 1993 Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act removes all potential legal liability from businesses and organizations (e.g.: markets, grocery stores, restaurants, food distributors, commercial kitchens, bakeries, food service locations/venues) that donate unused packaged food to local community food banks.  American Reclamation can provide customers guides to local non-profit community food banks in the Los Angeles metro area many of which provide free pickup service.  This obviously is the least costly option and the option with the highest optimum use because feeding people in need is always preferable to feeding animals or creating compost.

Los Angeles organic waste

Pre-Consumer Food Waste Collection & Recovery

American Reclamation, Inc. partners with 2 different food processors who collect pre-consumer kitchen food waste (no bones, no uncooked meats) and convert it to animal feed and/or lubricants depending on the type of food waste collected.  These subcontracted services provide food collection based on:

  1. 3-yard front-loading bin collection from 1 to 5 times per week for packaged pre-consumer food waste.
  2. 32-gallon 2-wheel cart cart collection service for unpackaged kitchen food waste (no paper or packaging) from 1 to 6 days per week, with a minimum subscription of 4 carts.  Full carts are exchanged and replaced with clean sanitized carts on each pickup visit. The carts have locking sealed lids to minimize odor and are easily moveable between kitchen and food preparation areas and outside trash container storage areas.
Los Angeles organic waste

Post-Consumer Food Waste & Food-Soiled Paper Collection

For post-consumer food waste and food-soiled paper, American Reclamation, Inc. offers: 

  1. 64-gallon 2-wheel cart collection service performed on a once per week basis.
  2. 1-yard to 3-yard front-loading bin collection service on a prescheduled basis.
  3. Self-contained horizontal trash compactor hauling service on-call upon customer request.

All collected segregated post-consumer food waste and food-soiled paper is transported to a solid-waste material processing facility for diversion to anaerobic digestion facilities for conversion to compost (a soil amendment) and compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel.

Green Waste Recycling

For segregated green waste and yard trimmings, American Reclamation, Inc. offers:

  1. 1-yard to 6-yard front-loading bin collection service on a once per week scheduled basis.
  2. Roll-Off dumpster collection service on-call as-needed upon customer request.

All collected green waste and yard trimmings are delivered to our recycling facility where the material is chipped into wood chips and mulch.  The wood chips are then sold to clean biomass waste-to-energy plants as an alternative energy source.  The mulch is provided to local municipalities and the public for landscaping, soil protection and water conservation purposes.

Green Material Used as Alternative Daily Cover (ADC)

As of January 1, 2020, AB 1594 requires all green and organic waste to be sent to a green waste recycling facility such as the one we operate.  Waste removal companies, landscapers, construction companies and any other organization that creates green waste will not longer be able to send it directly to the landfill.  We can help your business stay compliant with all laws, especially AB 1594, pertaining to the handling of recycling and disposal of green waste.  Contact Us today to find out more. 

Additional Services

Front Loader

We provide recurring and one-time collection services, and multi-family and commercial waste and recycling.

Roll Off Rental

At American Reclamation we specialize in Roll-off Bin and Dumpster Rentals in Burbank and surrounding areas.

Recycling Services

We own and operate a 4-acre clean material recovery center (MRF) in the City of Los Angeles.

Product Destruction

We provide inexpensive confidential and certified product and material destruction and disposal at an affordable rate.


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