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American Reclamation Dumpster Rental in Woodland Hills, CA

Are you looking to clean up a vacant lot or have tree limbs in the yard that need to be moved? Do you want to take your kitchen renovation to the next level? Getting a Woodland Hills dumpster rental that always shows up when you need them has never been easier. 

Whether you are procuring a dumpster in the spur of the moment or need to plan for your future cleanouts, American Reclamation is your best shot. We serve Woodland Hills and the neighboring areas with dumpster containers, junk hauling, and waste management services. Whenever you begin a demolition job, roofing project, carpentry, remodeling, or flooring job, you should trust us for personalized roll-off containers. 

Woodland hills dumpster rental

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Do You Need A Dumpster Rental?

Are you hiring a contractor and wondering if you should reserve a dumpster? The best idea is you need to check with your contractor if they handle the trash. However, your contractor probably has a system to discard the debris—like working with American Reclamation to toss the waste. 

As your local Woodland Hills roll-off rental expert, we supply various roll-off units depending on the job scale. For example, we offer 10- and 25-cubic-yard dumpsters for dense dirt, household, and construction garbage.

Why Hire A Local Woodland Hills Dumpster Rental?

Many roll-off rentals may want to have a business with you, but not all do what they say. When looking for a refuse container to rent, you should first confirm if the facility can service your project. 

A local dumpster rental facility understands and can relate to its customers’ needs. Additionally, a local company charges reasonable costs because of the shorter distance to transport your dumpster. 

At American Reclamation, we like to keep pricing simple and the booking process effortless. When you phone us, we give you a straightforward quote, and when you check us online, you book directly without a hassle. 

We Serve Residents Directly

Are you renovating? You should brace up for a significant amount of debris to move. Thankfully, our dumpsters are at your disposal for the Woodland Hills, California job. We supply residential dumpsters to homeowners directly without a hassle. You already have a lot at hand working on that remodel, and the last thing is to immerse yourself in piles of rocks and dust. 

Whether you are a DIY steward putting your new bathroom together or taking advantage of the great weather to clean out, our services are indispensable. 

We provide a selection of roll-off dumpster sizes for residential projects and household cleanouts. The sizes start from ten to 25 cubic yards for any medium project. Also, we have more extensive selections and anything in between to match your budget and project. 

Residential Dumpster Info

The residential dumpster you should rent highly depends on the size of your debris. Keep track of your trash estimate, and you can contact us if you need a professional to evaluate your waste needs.

We maintain our trucks, containers, and other hauling equipment in good condition, so it is safe to use on a residential property. 

Construction Waste Disposal

Construction rubbles can be massive and a safety hazard to your construction workers. We have years doing construction waste removal across Woodland Hills. Thanks to our unbeatable experience, we develop innovative solutions that add value to your construction. Since construction debris is no little job, we have hundreds of construction dumpsters to dispatch anytime. Our facility is located in Los Angeles and is the #1 choice for quality construction dumpsters. We recycle construction debris, too, so you can trust us to provide eco-friendly junk disposal services. 

Our pro team is customer-oriented, responsive, and committed to their job to deliver 100%.                               

Additional Services

Roll Off Rental

At American Reclamation we specialize in Roll-off Bin and Dumpster Rentals in Burbank and surrounding areas.

Front Loader

We provide recurring and one-time collection services, and multi-family and commercial waste and recycling.

Recycling Services

We own and operate a 4-acre clean material recovery center (MRF) in the City of Los Angeles.

Organic Waste

Organics Recycling for any Business, Multifamily Residence, Non-profit Organization, or Government Agency

Product Destruction

We provide inexpensive confidential and certified product and material destruction and disposal at an affordable rate.


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