10 Ways to Go Green At Home

Do you want to go green at home and don’t know where or how to start? Making your home eco-friendly is easy, and it is one of the best ways to protect our environment and save finances. But what does a green home mean?

Going green at home means that you adopt a lifestyle that reduces waste and environmental pollution, conserving energy and resources. The green home lifestyle has both economic, environmental, and health benefits. And below are ten ways to go green at home.

1. Recycle and reuse

Recycling and reusing items is one of the best ways to go green at home. In a consumer-driven world, it is no surprise that we generate a lot of trash that can harm our environment. Be environmentally conscious when shopping and find a way to recycle and reuse before purchasing a new item. Also, consider buying recyclable and reusable items.  

2. Repair before replacing with a new one.

Replacing an item at home every time it breaks down means adding more garbage to the landfill and wasting more resources. Before you consider replacing a broken item at home, try to repair it to extend its life and make the dumpsite less one garbage. 

3. Cut on plastic use.

Try to cut on buying and using plastic products whenever possible. Replace plastic water bottles with reusable ones and avoid one-use plastic cups, straws, and plates. You can also avoid plastic-packaged cleaning products by making yours at home using items like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. Use plastic containers at home to store things like organizing toys as a way to reuse.

4. Use insulations on walls, windows, and doors.

Conserving energy at home is also another way to go green. Consider insulating your walls, windows, and doors to save energy. By insulating your home, you help maintain a favorable temperature without necessarily turning on the heater during winter and keeping it cooler during summer.

5. Donate items you don’t use.

It is easy to hoard or want to toss away items you don’t use. Piling junk at home or disposing of it at the landfill without considering donating does more harm to the environment. Donate items you don’t use for recycling or reuse and help promote a green home. 

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6. Make your compost.

Minimize your carbon footprint and make your home green by composting at home. Create a backyard compost to compost food waste and other green matter and make organic fertilizers for your garden. Alternatively, you can prepare and donate food waste to composting facilities near you. 

7. Use efficient home appliances.

Have you ever considered using efficient home appliances? Like kitchen and laundry appliances that use less energy and conserve water? They might be a bit costly but are of good quality, efficient and last longer hence will save you money and are eco-friendly. Check the appliance’s rating when buying to ensure that they are energy or water efficient.

8. Invest in reusable bags.

Imagine the amount of disposable shopping bags you generate every time you go shopping. Going green at home starts from your kitchen. Consider using reusable bags and shopping in bulk to cut on the amounts of waste you produce, especially waste plastic bags. 

9. Cut down paper towels use.

Another way to boost greenness at home is to cut down on the paper towel use. Paper towels and napkins are a significant source of home waste, and you can reduce this by using washable dish towels and napkins. 

10. Green remodel your home.

Consider green remodeling if you are planning to remodel your home. From the sourcing of remodeling materials, actual remodel to disposal of the debris, ensure that you consider green practices. You can consider using renewable energy sources like solar and green building methods. 

Do you have any other ways to go green at home? Leave your comment. Talk to American Reclamation for all your waste management and green waste disposal needs.


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