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Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide

Do you have potentially harmful junk within your property or business premises? Often, there are gray areas when it comes to toxic debris, and they may end up in the drainage, sewers, yard, or you may end up mixing them with clean recyclables. Hazardous waste is any substance, whether solid, liquid, or gas, that can cause substantial and irreparable harm to human health or the environment. Every time you generate waste, including household, it is imperative to understand the type of junk you are handling. This hazardous waste disposal guide can help protect you and your community.

Types of Hazardous Waste

The first step to take when handling hazardous materials is to understand the toxic waste type and nature. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) puts hazardous waste into four categories. Hazardous waste can be;

  • Ignitable. This type of waste is highly flammable and can catch fire. Examples of these dangerous waste include gasoline, kerosene, propane containers, paint, petroleum waste, etc. The containers used to store these products are hazardous, too, and you need to be careful while handling them.
  • Corrosive. Any substance/product that can corrode metal and other materials or dissolve the flesh is hazardous. These substances are often in a liquid state (acid/base), and examples are some cleaning products you have at home that contain acid or base, battery acid, and rust removers. Handle products with strong acids or bases carefully.
  • Reactive. Waste that can quickly explode under certain temperatures or produce toxic gases and fumes is also hazardous and falls under the reactive category. Mostly, these wastes contain cyanides or sulfides. They can also release poisonous fumes—gases or vapors when in contact with water. An example of this waste is the product stored in aerosol containers.
  • Toxic. These are lethal wastes that can be fatal if you ingest or dump them on the ground. Also, they can release harmful substances into the groundwater. Wastes that contain mercury, lead, or any other heavy metals are toxic. Some of the poisonous wastes can be paints, oils, or wood waste with Penta.

With the above breakdown, it is no surprise that you may have some under your kitchen sink at home, in your garage area, office, or even on construction sites. The key, however, is to understand proper hazardous waste disposal and storage.

hazardous waste disposal guide

How to Store Dangerous Materials

Collecting and storing common waste may be as simple as pick up and toss. However, you need to be cautious, even if it is household hazardous waste. Once you understand that you are handling hazardous substances, take the measures below to ensure your and others’ safety, and protect the environment.

  • Keep hazardous waste in their original containers/packaging with labels intact.
  • Never mix these materials or substances. Mixing the waste for disposal can damage recyclables or react when you combine two or more hazardous materials.
  • Keep hazardous waste out of reach for children and pets.
  • Be careful when handling empty containers with hazardous waste residue.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Tips

  • Follow handling and disposal guidelines on the label.

Products come with labels that have guidelines on how to use and safely discard substances after use. You must read these guidelines to understand how to handle its waste safely.

  • Understand your local regulations concerning hazardous waste.

It’s important, however, to know that each county has regulations on how to dispose of hazardous waste. Learn about these rules before you attempt to dispose of dangerous waste. You can check on your county website or ask your waste management company for more hazardous waste information. Call American Reclamation if you need information on places you can take hazardous materials, as these cannot be dumped in a dumpster container. 

  • Let a waste management company handle your hazardous waste.

The best way to guarantee the safe disposal of hazardous waste is to hire a professional that specializes in disposing of hazardous materials. Waste management and recycling facilities can help you pick up and dispose of dangerous waste at a small fee. You can also ask your local authority if they offer to drop off services for hazardous junk.


Hazardous waste disposal can be a hassle, but it’s vital to your safety and the safety of your community that it is done properly.


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Home Projects with the Best ROI

Are you planning to upgrade parts or the whole of your home? There are different reasons you may want to renovate. Maybe you want to add value and make your home more appealing, get the best return on investment on resale, or both. Going by the data by Remodeling, not all home improvements give a good return on investment. And considering the high cost of remodeling materials, you need to be cautious and focus on home projects with the best ROI.

Doing home renovations that improves the curb appeal and functionality will give you more ROI, and below are home projects with some of the best return on investment.

Five home projects with the best ROI.


1. Add stone veneer


Adding a stone veneer to your house is one of the renovation projects that can recoup over 95% of the project cost during resale. A stone veneer is a manufactured stone that gives your home a natural look, hence adding to its curb appeal. The stone veneer is a combination of lightweight materials, portland cement, and iron oxide. Compared to natural stone, a stone veneer is cheaper and lightweight. You will need a stone veneer pro to help you install this faux stone on your wall.

2. Minor kitchen remodel

You don’t have to do a kitchen overhaul to get the best resale value. Sometimes minor kitchen remodels can give you tremendous results. According to research, the cost of a minor kitchen remodel is $23,452 on average, and you can resale at $18,206 recouping 77.6%. This is the best return compared to a significant kitchen remodel that will attract 53.9% return on resale. 

When doing a minor kitchen remodel, it is crucial to focus on efficiency. You can replace the oven and refrigerators with more energy-efficient ones, install new sinks with low-flow faucets, work on the flooring, apply fresh paint on the walls, and add new hardware.

home projects with the best ROI Los Angeles

3. Siding replacement 

Siding replacement is another remodeling project that increases the curb appeal and gets you a great return on investment. You can replace the siding with fiber cement or vinyl and get an average of 77.6% and 74.7% ROI, respectively. Each of these sidings has its pros and cons, and you should do more research before settling on any. The fiber cement is more sustainable and non-combustible while vinyl, on the other hand, is lightweight, easy to install, and requires low maintenance.

4. Garage door replacement

Has your garage door seen better days? Garage door replacement is not a waste of time and resources. Let your home pop out with a new garage door that will bring in 94.5% ROI. The first impression of your home is the garage door, and you are better off improving the garage door with a modern garage door that comes with a lifetime warranty. Try a 4-section garage door on a galvanized steel track with half-inch insulated glass windows on top for security and efficiency. 

5. Replace the windows with vinyl

Whether you live in scalding-hot areas or freezing-cold regions, energy-efficient windows are one of the home improvements you can invest in and get the best returns. The energy-saving windows are long-lasting, come in different sizes, and require no maintenance. According to costs versus value data, it will cost you an average of $17,641 to upgrade to vinyl windows, and you will get back 72.3% of the total cost.

Invest in home improvements that offer the best value.

Curb appeal and efficiency are the centers of focus for existing and new homeowners. If you need to do home improvement projects, it is best to research your local area’s return on investments. 


When you’re ready to tackle a home improvement project, don’t forget about the debris removal. That’s where American Reclamation comes in. As the leader in Los Angeles area dumpster rentals, we support the LA community with high quality service and affordable dumpster rentals. Contact us today or book online