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Recycling in Hollywood

Recycling in Hollywood: A Complete Guide to Effective Recycling

Do you recycle garbage? Recycling in Hollywood is an excellent recipe for a cleaner and greener environment.

However, there is always a culprit; the recycling contaminant. Contaminants can turn your clean recyclable waste into useless garbage.

Let’s face this off with the facts —According to Cal Recycle, the recycling rate in the state of California stands at 75%

But the problem is that California still faces the contamination of recyclable waste. 

According to resource recycling, the contamination rate in California ranges from 8% to 46%.

Additionally, the average contamination rate of recyclable waste is 20% statewide. 

And the reason for these figures is consumer behavior.

With that in mind, what are the best ways to recycle in Hollywood?

Let’s dive in, and you will learn the best strategy to help you be a better recycler in Hollywood. 

What goes into the recycling bin in Hollywood, California?

Do you have a recycling bin? The place to start is to understand the things that you should put in the recycling bin.

If you are not careful, one bad guy can ruin your entire load of recyclable garbage, and that is plastic bags.

Here are the waste materials you can dump in your blue cart.

But there is a catch; your blue cart waste should be clean, dry, and free from contaminants like plastic bags.

  • Plastic containers

You have the green light to put any plastic bottle and container in your recycling bin in Hollywood. Avoid any other type of plastic because it can do more harm than good. Things like plastic bags, hoses, plastic furniture, etc., shouldn’t go into the recycling bin.

  • Glass bottles and jars

Any glass bottle or container that you use to keep food or beverages is recyclable. Make sure to empty the residue and the liquid inside before tossing it in the recycling bin.

  • Cardboards

Clean, dry, and flat cardboards can also go into the recycling bin. If you have cardboard carton boxes, you can cut, flatten, and fold them for recycling.

  • Paper boards

Do you generate a ton of cereal boxes? This type of paperboard is recyclable in the blue bin. Others include tissue boxes and paper towel paper board.

  • Metal containers

You can recycle metal containers such as pet food and vegetable cans. The thumb rule is to remove the food particles before putting them in the recycling bin.

  • Papers

Dry paper is also recyclable, and you can dispose of it in the recycling bin. These include newspapers, magazines, paperback books, construction papers, and office papers.

Fact: California recycles over 85% of beverage containers that including plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles and containers.

You can take beverage containers to a buy-back center like American Reclamation and redeem your California Refund Value.

recycling in Hollywood

Can you recycle scrap metal in Hollywood, California?

Yes, you can recycle scrap metal in Hollywood, California. However, scrap metal waste falls under the bulk waste scope, and you can’t put them in the recycling bin.

This means that you need special arrangements for scrap metal recycling. And that is where American Reclamation steps in.

Our facility is equipped with ultra-modern technology to handle scrap metal recycling.

We offer a buy-back and recycling program for all scrap metals from consumers and suppliers in Hollywood.

Our facility can handle any size of scrap metal, big or small.

Is there a recycling program for bulk waste in Hollywood?

The recycling program for bulk waste is available in the Hollywood area. American Reclamation can help you with any bulk waste you have.

Whether C&D, green waste, or household trash, you can count on our quality services.

What’s more? We are certified and endorsed by the City of Los Angeles with an 80% recycling rate.

Contact us today!


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Weekend Renovation Tips in Los Angeles

Are you planning to shift your attention to your home and do a weekend renovation? Whether it is a long or any typical weekend, this can be an excellent time to work on a kitchen remodeling project, bathroom, wall, basement renovation, or any other remodeling project. While a home renovation in Los Angeles can come with its fair share of challenges, the outcome can be equally rewarding. Below are tips to help you ace your weekend renovation job. The ultimate goal of our weekend renovation tips Los Angeles is to help you hit your goal, save money, time and avoid burning out.

Start with a weekend renovation plan

Here is a fact, a plan can dictate many aspects of your project. For instance, a remodeling plan can determine the actual project you want to do, the size of the renovation project, the cost, timeline, materials, and so much more.

And with a plan, you can simplify your residential renovation project in Los Angeles.

So how do you create a renovation plan?

The first step is to define your needs versus wants clearly. Defining your needs and wants is critical, especially when you are working on a budget. Create a list of all the things you feel need improvement. 

Make two columns of needs and wants. If you have a necessary improvement, you can put it in the needs section. And an improvement that would be nice to add to your home but not an absolute necessity should go to the area of your wants.

Your needs and wants list will help you work within your budget and priorities crucial remodeling projects. 

Another thing is to consider the scale of your renovation project. Set a timeline and put it in the plan. This will help you make plans for accommodation if you need to move out temporarily—even if you need to move your pets.

Los Angeles home renovation preparation

Once you have your weekend renovation plan and budget in order, you can proceed with preparation. And the first thing to start with is getting your supplies ready ahead of time. Whether you will be tackling a DIY or have your contractors help, you need to have supplies ready to avoid wasting any minute—the weekend is a short period, and you can’t risk going back and forth to your retail store to get more materials. 

Have your renovation allies ready. Another thing to focus on ahead of the actual renovation day is your contractors. Do you need a roofer, plumber, flooring expert, electrician, or hauler? 

You need to contact your contractors ahead of time to avoid a no-show during your weekend renovation. 

If you anticipate generating enormous amounts of renovation debris, hiring a local hauler to help you dump the waste is safe.

Remember, the thumb rule when hiring contractors is to focus on experience, affordability, and availability.

weekend renovation tips

Start with the interiors

Whether you want to clean out, demolish, or do the actual improvement project, it is best to start with the interior side of your house. This ensures that you don’t mess up with your exterior project while doing the interior side. 

Unless you have a roofing job, it is always best to work on the interiors first, starting with the walls down.

Organize your renovation project with a planner

With a weekend home renovation, you need to stay on top of the remodeling game. And the best way to do this is to use a planner.

A renovation planner is an excellent tool to help you organize your daily activities and account for the materials you require for the project.

Don’t go overboard with your weekend renovation

Remodeling projects can be pretty stressful, costly, and time-consuming. Worse is when it is a weekend home improvement project, and you are doing it all alone. Start small, one renovation at a time. This will give a base to handle even the most extensive remodeling jobs. If you need support with a dumpster rental, American Reclamation can help you with all your renovation debris disposal needs. Contact us today.

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Home Office Remodel Tips

Do you like the idea of working from home and want to make your home office better? Perhaps you are transitioning to a full-time work-from-home job and need something better than working from a cramped corner. The current home remodeling trends show that homeowners have home office renovation on the list. And this means that a lot of people plan to work from home for the long overhaul. That is why our home office remodel tips will come in handy when you want to start a home office renovation.

Why should you consider a home office remodel?

You can create a comfortable home office.

Nothing makes a work-from-home job more manageable than a comfortable and cozy home office. And doing a home office remodel project can help you achieve just that. For instance, you can update your old office chair with an ergonomic and more comfortable one. Or perhaps get an ultra-modern smart desk for your home office.

Whether you want to update the technology in your home office or the furniture and accessories, you can be sure of a comfortable home office as a result. 

It helps you eliminate home office clutter.

Do you have unsightly items filling up your home office space? Working from a messy and stuffy office can be nerve-wracking and always makes your work mood spiral down. 

Home office remodeling is the perfect time to toss away clutter. And if you have an enormous amount of office refuse, American Reclamation is here to help you.

Boosts your productivity

Home office remodeling can be the perfect time to shift your mind to doing something creative. A clean and fresh home office can excite you and make you more productive during your working hours.

You can design a destruction-free home office.

Choosing a designated home office area can help you create a destruction-free workspace. You can install soundproof features to help eliminate noise destruction from the rest of your household members. 

home office remodel los angeles

Best home office remodel tips

Consider the square footage of your home office

Knowing the square footage you need to work with when renovating your home office is a must. The available office space will determine the accessories, furniture, equipment, and finishes you need for your dream home office.

Also, how you plan to use your home office space will determine if you need to expand it a little more. And it will also determine the overall budget for the remodeling project. Speaking of which…

Create a home office remodel budget plan

The next crucial thing for a home office remodeling is the budget. Note down the things you need to revamp in your home office and get the cost estimation for each. For instance, do you need to create extra space for your in-person clients or for you to stretch and relax? Do you need to install storage cabinets? Or perhaps need a new office table and a chair.

Listing down your project details and estimating the overall remodeling costs will help you renovate your office within your budget.

Remember, it is crucial to consider your home office needs when renovating.

Hire a contractor to handle intricate features

When doing a home office remodel, it is easy to jump right in and DIY. However, you may need to consider a professional contractor to handle delicate features like electrical installation and plumbing.

A professional can help you with intricate remodeling works, and it can be less costly, too. 

Carefully choose home office designs.

With every home office remodel comes the need to create and change the design. Whether it is the color, furniture, or cabinets, it is best to take your time to review and chose your space design carefully.

You can find remodeling ideas for your home office online pretty easily.

Do you need help with home office garbage? At American Reclamation, we offer different dumpster sizes to remove any debris.


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Decluttering Before a Move

Do you find the process of decluttering before a move an enormous project? Moving can be such a hassle and a stressful life situation. Whether you plan to downsize or moving to a different state, you need a relocation strategy that will make your endeavor smooth. Here is the thing, moving gets more challenging when you have a big household to move. Yet, purging and decluttering  before a move can help you ease your luggage and only move your valuable items. 

How do you prepare for a move?

One of the critical things you should never forget is that you need to plan to clean out clutter at least two months before a move. This is because you may have a lot of household junk to manage and discard responsibly. 

The last thing you want when relocating to a new home is moving junk to your new place. It will just take up space that you could use for other valuable household items. 

Benefits of disposing of clutter before a move

Editing every nook and cranny and paring down your house before a move can be such a reliever.

First, decluttering before a move can slash down the costs of transporting your items. Donating, selling, and disposing of clutter helps reduce the overall weight of your shipment and lower the fees to move.

Remember, your movers will bill you according to the weight of the materials you need to carry. 

Decluttering as soon as possible saves you time when packing. When you have fewer items to pack up, it is easy to load and unload your stuff in the new home, making it easy for you to settle and focus on other crucial things.

Create more space. One thing everyone needs in their home is a breather space with no clutter and unwanted stuff. You can achieve that if you declutter before moving houses. Whether upgrading to a bigger home or downsizing, purging before packing up for a move helps reduce junk.

You will make money and your local community happy. Decluttering can present a win-win situation. You can either sell extra items on marketplaces, create a yard sale, or donate to your local charities. 

Either way, it is a win for you as you plan to move. 

decluttering before a move

Seamless process of decluttering before a move. 

Without a doubt, moving can be pretty stressful. Luckily, decluttering align your process and focus, streamlines your project, and makes it easy for you to make decisions.

So, where do you start decluttering, and how?

There are two ways to approach your house decluttering endeavor. You can eliminate clutter room by room or by category. Either way, you can be sure of removing items you don’t need or are useless. 

If you decide to clean up room by room, you can start with rooms likely to have more clutter, like the attic, storage, basement, and garage area.

Once those areas are clean, you can move to other rooms like the living room, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and the kitchen/pantry. These are the rooms that are likely to have less junk because of routine cleaning. 

Remember to have three categories of decluttering boxes. One is the trash container where all the garbage will go. Another one is the donation box, where you will put all the items you plan to donate. And lastly, the consignment box for items you will move to the new house.

You are in crunch time, and that means you need to make wise decisions when decluttering critically. If you haven’t used an item in ages, toss it away without second thoughts. 

Organize your space after decluttering.

Once you eliminate the trash, it is crucial to organize the items remaining ready for a move. You can start packing up your household stuff and only leave those you need to use before moving.

Organizing items helps minimizes chaos and overwhelm.

Get the decluttering project off the to-do list today. American Reclamation offers a container for garbage and household trash.


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2021 Calabasas Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Do you want to create a show-stopping kitchen? The kitchen is the heartbeat of a home, and the demand for an aesthetically appealing kitchen is more than ever. And not only that, remodeling your kitchen in Calabasas can add value to your home. According to statistics by Remodeling, a minor kitchen update can cash in up to 77.6% of the total costs. However, when it comes to dollar for dollar, you need to carefully consider the things you want to renovate around your kitchen. Below are trendy and show-stopping 2021 Calabasas kitchen remodeling ideas. 

Why Calabasas Kitchen Remodeling Is Right for You

1. Replace your kitchen sinks with a single large sink

Are you looking to maximize your space in the kitchen and create more prep areas? Replacing your double bowl with a single kitchen sink may be the best kitchen remodeling idea. If you need more sink space to wash your pots and pans conveniently, then a single large sink is it. 

The benefits of a single bowl kitchen sink are that it helps you create more countertop space, can accommodate large pots and pans, is easy to maintain, less expensive, and is easy to install a faucet on. So if you want to save counter space, add a spacious sink and save on kitchen remodeling costs, you can choose to install a single large sink.  

2. Consider open shelving

Open shelving is one of the smart features in the modern-day kitchen. You can try open kitchen shelves if you are looking for a cost-effective kitchen remodeling idea for your kitchen in Calabasas. An open kitchen shelf is convenient and makes it easy for you to grab whatever you need quickly. 

Also, this type of kitchen shelf is excellent if you want to show off your latest cookware collection. You can organize the kitchen collection neatly on the shelves for display.

What’s more? Open shelving is excellent if you need to fill up unused spaces in your kitchen. And that means you may not need to remove your kitchen cabinets. 

3. Install a kitchen backsplash touching the ceiling

The kitchen backsplash is one place that takes the most heat—and, well, the cold—in the kitchen. And that means it is subject to wear and tear. You can take your kitchen backsplash a top-notch higher by fixing it from countertop to ceiling. 

If you are dealing with a small backsplash area, you can take it from the countertop to the ceiling for a more refined look. With a full backsplash, it means that you have less to no wall space to collect dust. 

4. Add a kitchen island.

The creativity around a kitchen island is endless. If your kitchen could use some extra prepping area or storage space, then you can consider building a kitchen island. 

A kitchen island provides the extra space you need for appliances, cooking preparations, seating area, storage space, and much more. It can be an excellent spot for your oven, sink, cabinets, and other kitchen outlets.

Calabasas kitchen remodeling ideas

5. Create a waterfall edge countertop

Are you tired of your good-old countertop? A waterfall edge countertop is another brilliant kitchen remodeling idea you can try in your kitchen. This kitchen countertop makes a 90-degree turn at the edge and flows down to touch the floors. 

Waterfall countertop edge provides a mix of durability and beautiful kitchen aesthetics.  

6. Add a speed oven

Another brilliant 2021 kitchen remodeling idea is to go for the state-of-the-art tech for kitchen appliances. And that means installing appliances like the high-speed oven. 

A high-speed oven has more than one component like the oven, grill, and convection component to make your cooking faster and easier. You can transform your kitchen with this appliance and cut your cooking time.  

7. Replace cabinet doors.

With all the frequent opening, closing, and banging of cabinet doors, these components suffer a great deal from wear and tear. And this means that changing your cabinet doors is another remodeling idea you may want to do for your kitchen. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to replace the cabinet doors or install brand new cabinets.


Are you ready? Wait, before you start, ensure that you have a reliable hauler—which is American Reclamation. 


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5 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster in Burbank

Are you considering an easy and convenient way to dump solid waste in Burbank? You are responsible and take sanitation issues seriously—whether it is residential trash or construction garbage. Regardless of nature and the size of your junk, you always find an affordable, reliable, and safe disposal service.

Chances are, you enlist for regular trash pickup when it comes to household garbage. But what is the process when you have large quantities of residential or construction junk?

Like using the regular city trash pickup service, renting a dumpster is cheaper to dispose of heavy construction and demolition waste. In this post are five reasons to rent a dumpster in Burbank.

But first…

At what point should you rent a dumpster in Burbank?

A dumpster is a trash container that you may need to rent to haul massive tons of construction and demolition garbage, household junk, yard, and household waste. 

You will need to order a dumpster in Burbank, California, when you are doing a restoration project, full-house cleanout, demolishing, landscaping, clean out the garage, building, cleaning out after a disaster, etc.

5 reasons to rent a dumpster in burbank

Why should you rent a dumpster in Burbank?

1. A dumpster is convenient.

When you think of convenient debris disposal ways, think of a roll-off dumpster. C&D waste can be enormous and out of control. A roll-off container provides the convenience that you need when tackling projects like residential remodels.

Instead of waiting around for municipal trash removal guys—who will likely not pick your C&D waste—or use your truck to haul the garbage, you can pull a dumpster from a local dumpster rental and use it. 

Your local rental will deliver the container before starting your project or when you need it on site. And you will have only one thing to do, which is to load the dumpster with your garbage.

When ready, call your roll-off rental for pickup and avoid the stress of trying to squeeze tens of cubic yard debris into your truck. 

2. A roll-off dumpster provides an easy way to haul heavy debris.

When undertaking a residential renovation or a high-rise construction, the ultimate goal is to keep the project looking its best. And that means you need to dispose of garbage on the fly. 

Renting a dumpster is the easiest way to haul enormous piles of trash. There are dumpster units that can move as much as 40 cubic yards of debris in one trip. When you rent a container, you don’t have to worry about making several trips just to dumps waste. 

3. Renting a dumpster is a cheaper option when dumping construction waste.

Imagine loading your truck and hauling demolition rubbles to a landfill— that is miles away, and you still have to shell out bucks to pay ongoing fees at the dumpsite. Now that is a super expensive way to discard your trash. 

Renting a dumpster is a cheaper alternative because you will only pay a low-cost, flat-rate fee and save yourself the hassle of handling everything yourself.

You will save gas money and several landfill fees. As your dumpster rental in Burbank, we will help you minimize disposal costs and provide cheaper waste hauling services for your project. 

4. A dumpster is versatile.

Whether you have house clutter to discard, yard waste, or construction concrete, a dumpster is versatile, and you can use it for a wide range of projects. 

The design and shape of a dumpster container make it able to handle various waste materials. From home cleanouts, roofing projects, construction jobs, demos, and much more, a roll-off dumpster is the best way to hold extensive debris.

5. Dumpsters are environmentally friendly.

Another reason to rent a dumpster in Burbank is that it is environmentally friendly. You can contain all your garbage in one container as you work on your project instead of leaving them scattered all over your property.

A dumpster will create ideal working conditions and protects the environment. 


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Guide to DIY Remodeling in Los Angeles

Are you a handy person and excellent at fixing stuff around the house? Perhaps you plan to execute a DIY remodeling in Los Angeles soon? Taking part in shaping your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, or even the attic can be rewarding. But when you live on a hilly side in Los Angeles—because why not have a view?—a little extra planning, strategy, and details will help you achieve your remodeling goals.

Doing small home makeovers like installing new pieces of artwork, adding new furniture or new appliance requires little effort, your skills, and handy tools. However, dipping your toes in bigger remodeling waters as a DIY-er can be intimidating.

Before you start shaping up your dream space, here is our guide to remodeling in Los Angeles. We share the dos before you take things down to the studs. 

1. Evaluate your DIY remodeling project.

Before you go on a shopping expedition for your renovation materials, the most crucial part is to evaluate your remodeling project. What is the objective of your DIY remodeling project? Is it a small or a large-scale home improvement job? DIY remodeling jobs don’t mean a whole one-person show; at some point, you may need to contact a specialist to help you. Also, evaluate the time frame of your project. This will help you create an achievable remodeling goal. If you are not sure about some aspects of your remodeling like lighting installation or require an extensive skill set, it is best to consult before working on it. 

Evaluating your DIY remodeling in Los Angeles ensures you are not taking on more work than you can handle. The last thing you need is a gutting renovation outcome. 

2. Create a remodeling plan

You already have your inspirational board for your home remodeling job. The most pivotal part of it all is to have a remodeling plan. It is vital to factor in the costs, materials, time, and the team you will need for your remodel. 

Create a budget plan, whether it is a small project like fixing the gutters or a kitchen renovation. 

You can use online tools like the remodeling calculator to create a rough estimate for your project. Having an accurate remodeling budget is crucial, whether it is DIY or not. 

As you create your remodeling plan, it is also crucial to consider the local codes and ethos before starting on a remodel. For instance, California has Title 24, which requires that you consider energy efficiency when building a new or renovating an existing house. 

3. Start small

Are you ready to take your DIY remodeling off the ground? Starting small can be the best way to set traction for even bigger DIY renovation jobs. Start with areas that require less labor and that are easy to do. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you can start by sprucing up the kitchen and tossing away clutter in the kitchen. This will motivate you to begin fixing your kitchen. Remember to celebrate each milestone you achieve as you work on your renovation.  

remodeling in Los Angeles

4. Bring a professional onboard for your Remodeling Project in Los Angeles

A do-it-yourself remodeling project is always exciting because you are in charge of shaping your home. However, it doesn’t mean that you go all-in by yourself. Bringing in a professional is something you need to consider. You may need to work with a plumber, an electrical specialist, or a debris removal specialist. A simple thing as bringing an dumpster rental specialist to help you remove debris can make a fundamental difference. After all, a less stressful working environment can boost your productivity and motivate you to focus on your DIY.

5. Explore ways to save on DIY remodeling in Los Angeles

DIY remodeling is an endeavor that can help you save money. You can reuse materials and wait for discounted offers to shop for materials. Additionally, you can enlist help from your family and friends. Another way to save money on a DIY remodel is to rent a dumpster for the debris.


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8 Reasons to Clean Out Junk Now

Cleaning out trash and debris can be overwhelming, especially when you have notorious places for clutter like the basement, garage, attic, and closets. However, if you continue hoarding the junk, you risk living with pests and having more mess to clean out later. This post discusses eight reasons to clean out junk now and create a ton of clutter-free space in your house.

1. You will save money when you clean out junk now.

Do you recoil at the idea of spending an arm and a leg to clean out junk? Cleaning out junk can help you save money in several ways:

  • You will not have to buy unnecessary storage containers to keep items you do not need.
  • Being conscious about junk means that you will have less clutter to deal with and may not need to contract services from a professional cleaner to help you.
  • You may end up making money while cleaning out by selling stuff that you do not need but is still useful.

2. It helps you pivot your attention on the important stuff.

Cleaning out a house or office junk is one of the best ways to help you focus on essential things only. Decluttering helps you get distractions out of the way and toss out useless stuff that takes up your space. Remember that you need to be ruthless when you clean out junk. You should only keep items that you need and love, and anything that does not fit in that category should go. Once the trash is out, you will focus on crucial things and even find time for your hobbies.

3. The less the junk, the less the effort

If you keep putting your home’s cleanout project in the back-burner, it means that you are creating more time for clutter to build up. As the trash piles up, so is the time you need to clean out. You can make your junk cleanout process seamless by cleaning out the trash regularly. With less junk, you will spend less time and effort to clean up.

4. It will cost you less money to clean out now.

Cleaning out a super messy home may warrant you to hire a team of contractors like cleaners and junk removers to help you out. This means that you will need to dig deeper into your pockets when you have vast heaps of junk to toss. The best idea is to clean out debris routinely to avoid spending a ton of money to dispose of waste.

Clean Out Junk Los Angeles

5. Boost your efficiency and productivity

Working in an unclean environment can trigger anxiety, making it hard for you to perform your duties well. Cleaning out junk is purging both your physical environment and boost your mental health. Having a clean environment will improve your efficiency and productivity. What’s more? You will enjoy a better sleep since there will be no distractions to make you think you have an unfinished job. 

6. You will create a ton of free and clean space.

Research shows that 25% of two-garage households cannot fit a car inside the garage, thanks to clutter. If this is your case, cleaning out the mess is the ultimate solution to help you create more space for your vehicle(s). Cleaning out trash can help you create a ton of space that makes it easy to keep and find essential items when you need them. 

7. Cleaning out junk is good for the environment.

Cleaning out the garbage is one of the best ways to eliminate hazardous items in your home. Proper recycling and disposal of dangerous junk keep your environment clean and habitable, and it means fewer health risks.

8. Cleaning out junk will boost the value of your home.

Are you planning to put up your house for sale? House buyers and renters in the market are looking for the best bang for the buck and will pay more for a clean, livable home on the list. Cleaning out the junk boosts your property’s value and can help you sell it at a higher price. 

Let American Reclamation help you when you’re ready to clean out junk. Rent a dumpster with us for a quick and easy way to get your house clean and organized this weekend!


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6 Spring Cleaning Tips in Los Angeles

Your Los Angeles Spring Cleaning Tips

Does the spring season gives you the house decluttering and cleaning vibe? You are not alone! According to a survey by the Cleaning Institute, spring cleaning is like an annual ritual for over 76% of the American population. After the cold months, it is time to thaw, put away the heavy clothing, winter boots and bring out the lawnmowers, sporting gear, and get ready for the warm weather plus blooming flowers. Whether this is your first spring cleaning or you do it every year, sometimes it can be a bit intimidating. Spring cleaning is not only about moping and dusting every nook and cranny; It can be purging, renovating, and disposing of heaps of house junk. Below are our best spring cleaning tips to make your house spick and span for the rest of the year.

1. Plan your spring cleaning

Planning your spring cleaning is crucial if you want to achieve a pristine home. Carefully strategize how you are going to execute your cleanout project. First, identify and note the spots around your house that need deep cleaning, like the kitchen, bathroom, storage, garage, master bedroom, and closets. If those rooms can generate a lot of trash, you will want to include a trash disposal plan. 

Spring is the right time to do renovations, so check if you need to update some of the rooms in your home and plan for the same. 

Write down the cleaning and dusting supplies you will need and create a budget. Additionally, consider if you will need an extra hand to help. Your family members can help if most of the cleaning entails DIYs. If you don’t have the right tools to do the spring cleaning efficiently, then hiring a cleaning professional is the best way. 

2. Start with the interior declutter

Start your spring cleaning with your house interiors. Thanks to the shelter-in-place order, we are always home more than any other place. And that means a deep house cleanout once in a while is indispensable. Start cleaning and dusting the interior spaces one room at a time. You can start with the bigger rooms and storage areas that tend to host more clutter. Dispose of as many household items as possible and reclaim your space. Remove grease and stains on your walls, doors, windows, cabinets, etc. 

Brighten the interiors with a new touch-up of paint and fix the lighting and any leaking pipes. 

3. Spend time in your garage and storage area

Move to the garage and storage areas and do a deep spring cleaning because these areas often remain untouched for months and even years. Arm yourself with water buckets, detergents, brushes, and maybe a dumpster, and get rid of outdated and overstocked items in your storage. Deep clean the garage while bringing out your A-game in organizing the room.

los angeles spring cleaning tips

4. Clean the windows

Windows are your home’s statements, and giving them a sparkling spring cleaning gives the impression of a clean household. Get rid of dust, gunk, and grime on your window sills. Thoroughly clean your windows to allow more functionality, light, and air into your rooms and make your home look new. A quick home hack of vinegar and water can give you a cleaning solution for the windows.

5. Renovate and clean the porch and patio area

Spring is the time to remove your outdoor furniture. But before that, you need to clean up your porch and patio area. Renovate your patio and give it a nice look, ready for spring’s get-together with family and friends. You can involve a contractor to redesign your porch or deck if necessary. Check if you need to replace the patio furniture.

6. Clean up the yard

For the yard area, ensure that you trim and collect tree stumps, branches, and leaves. Bushes around your home and overhanging tree branches can be a haven for pests. Dispose of overhanging and dead branches within your property to eliminate pests.

Do you need a dumpster for organic waste or household junk? Contact American Reclamation. 


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5 Tips to Better Recycling in 2021

Do you want to recycle better in 2021? Perhaps your goal is to live sustainably, shift to 100% reusable, and recyclable materials. Making a positive change in how you recycle is one of the best new year resolutions you can set. You should adopt better and innovative ways of recycling your garbage because it helps cut costs on recycling, saves the landfill from contaminated recyclables, protects workers at the material recovery facility, and helps prevent potential hazards like fires from happening.  At American Reclamation, we are passionate about all aspects of recycling, and we’ve together five tips to better recycling in 2021. 

Create recycling goals.

Intentional and impactful recycling starts with goals. Make it a plan to recycle better in 2021. And to set your recycling goals, it is vital to understand why you want to recycle. Your recycling goals can be to learn more about recycling, get more reusable items, reduce the amounts of trash, get a recycling cart, and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Also, your goal can be to promote the recycling industry by buying recycled products. 

These recycling plans and goals will help you reduce waste, finding alternative, sustainable and green products.

Take action to your recycling goals.

To recycle better, you will need to take action and work on your recycling goals. Implement the things you learn about recycling. For example, ensure that you always sort all your recyclables and ensure that they are clean before throwing them in the bin. Before you toss that food packaging material in the recycling bin, ensure that it is free from grease, food residue, and water. If your goal is to use more recyclable or biodegradable products, then you can take action and say no to non-recyclable items.  

Please make an effort to check the types of recyclables accepted locally in your municipality, know the days they haul recyclable trash or find a nearby MRF.

tips to better recycling in 2021

Teach your household members how to recycle better.

Recycling starts with an individual, and involving your household members in the recycling can help you recycle better. Teach your family members how to use and what to throw into the recycling bin. You can help each other with accountability and focus on recycling more in your household. 

Place a recycling cart on the curbside.

What happens when you don’t have a recycling bin on the curbside? You will probably end up mixing acceptable recyclables with other non-recyclable garbage. Contaminated recyclables are as useless as non-recyclable material. Ensure that you get a recycling bin to put all the recyclable materials and separate them from the rest of your household trash. Go the extra mile to place a recycling cart close to the source. The kitchen, for example, is one of the significant sources of waste in a home. Place a recycling bin in your kitchen to have easy access to the cart where you can place your recyclables. 

Check with your local waste management, drop off programs, or nearest material recovery facility to provide you with a recycling container. 

Better Cycling in 2021: Be smart when tossing your recyclables.

Another way to recycle better in 2021 is to be smart when disposing of your recyclables. Keep e-waste away from your recycling bin, empty and dry your recyclable material, sort out items like packaging plastic bags, and return them to the grocery store for recycling and avoid bagging your recyclable garbage. When you dispose of recyclables the right way, you guarantee clean materials and make the recycling facility work less of a hassle.

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