2023 Guide to Los Angeles Dumpster Sizes

Staying on budget is crucial when renting a roll-off dumpster, which is possible when you request the right size. American Reclamation has various dumpster sizes, ensuring you find the right solution for big or small projects. Whether renovating your kitchen or managing a construction site in Los Angeles, we provide suitable containers and swift services for an efficient job. Whether you need a 10YD or 35YD dumpster, our 2023 guide to Los Angeles dumpster sizes can help simplify the process. Our customer support can serve you from wherever you’re through calls and emails. We’re here if you need assistance picking and scheduling your dumpster delivery. 

How to Determine the Dumpster Size?

So, how do you rent the right dumpster size in Los Angeles? The right container size depends on the debris you need to throw away. You’ll need a small or medium dumpster for residential renovations, cleanouts, or landscaping projects. Bigger roll-off bins are best for large-scale construction, demolition sites, and other commercial projects. 

Another thing that determines the correct roll-off size to hire is the debris type. Some are large, requiring a larger container, while others are pretty dense, like construction bricks. An average container can hold between 4,000 lbs and 16,000 lbs of debris, and excess tons of waste attract a fine. 

Furthermore, the space available at the job site can determine the dumpster size. With limited space, renting a small or medium dumpster can be more economical. 

The Ultimate Guide to Los Angeles Dumpster Sizes:

The Six Popular Dumpster Sizes in Los Angeles.

American Reclamation provides the guide to Los Angeles different dumpster sizes, offering dumpsters ranging from three to forty cubic yards in volume. And this means we can service residential, commercial, demolitions, and landscaping projects. Dumpster size is the total volume in cubic yards.

3YD Front Load Dumpster

We offer the smallest dumpster container, a front loader, which is a perfect solution for refuse or trash collection. It is excellent if you have construction, household, or commercial projects, and you can use it to remove green waste, tires, carpets, recyclables, and construction debris. 

10YD Roll-Off Dumpster

This dumpster size holds up to ten cubic yards of debris and is ideal for heavy waste. You can fit roughly three to five truckloads of trash, making it the perfect option for many home and construction projects. Our lowboy dumpster can offer more room, handling up to 16 cubic yards of waste. You can rent it if you need a 15-cubic yards container in Los Angeles. 

25YD Roll-Off Dumpster

Our medium dumpster size holds up to 25 cubic yards of waste. We recommend this bin for household and construction projects. Whether you’ve got a roofing job, general construction, or home cleanout, this is the ideal option for small to medium projects. 

30YD Roll Off Dumpster

30YD container is a big dumpster ideal for medium and large jobs. It is popular for complete home overhauls, major kitchen and bath remodeling projects, and new constructions. Are you looking to downsize or declutter before moving? Renting a 30-cubic yarder is a wise choice to move huge piles of junk in one go.

35YD Roll Off Dumpster

This dumpster size is slightly bigger than the 30YD roll-off container. It holds more garbage and is best for large-scale demolitions, new constructions, and estate decluttering projects. You can also use it to remove segregated recyclables debris, mixed construction waste, and tires.

40YD Roll Off Dumpster

We supply the largest dumpsters in Los Angeles for large-scale demolitions and construction projects. American Reclamation takes pride in having ultra-modern equipment to haul large-scale commercial and residential trash. We accept roofing debris, wood and drywall, concrete, asphalt, tires, green waste, general household junk, stumps, and yard debris.

Importantly, we focus on diverting and recycling much construction and home junk. Working with us means doing good for a better environment in Los Angeles. 

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