2023 Tax Deductible Home Improvement Projects

Is a New Roof, HVAC system, or kitchen remodel Tax Deductible? These are the typical questions running through the minds of many homeowners planning a remodeling project. Tax-deductible home improvements may only affect your taxes later, and it can be a huge tax relief when you finally sell the property and file returns. The most crucial thing is to keep a record of these tax-deductible improvements, expenses, and payment receipts. Significant home improvements add value to the property, extend its life span, or modify it for a new use. A remodeling project that accomplishes either of the above qualifies as capital home improvement and can be tax deductible. Remember, capital improvements are entirely different from home repairs—-the latter ensures your property is livable. Keep reading to learn about the home improvement projects you can write off. Read on for 2023 tax deductible home improvement projects.

What Are the Best 2023 Tax Deductible Home Improvement Projects?

After selling the property, tax deductions for home improvements can add more profits. Below are some of the home remodeling projects for 2023 that qualify for a tax write-off. 

Home Office Improvements

Do you need to improve your home space? Upgrading your home office space provides a conducive environment for you to thrive at work. And the good news is the IRS considers home office updates and repairs tax-deductible. You can include repairs and significant upgrades like utilities, mortgage rates, and depreciation for your home office. 

To qualify, the home space designated for work should be a principal space for business. Furthermore, you should be self-employed to claim taxes on your home office repairs. You can write off the expenses if you need a new office design, storage, lighting, or air conditioning.

Rental Property Updates

If you’ve got a rental property, one of the greatest tax deductible home improvement projects is repairing your property. Maintaining a habitable space for your tenants is crucial, so repairs and permanent improvements are bound to happen. You claim taxes on any repair and capital improvement you make on your rental property. Remember, there is a grey line for when you can claim taxes on repairs and rental home improvements.

Repairs include painting, fixing a broken toilet, lighting, faulty plumbing system, etc. You can claim these during the same year you make these necessary property updates. Major remodeling project on a rental property depreciates over time; therefore, you can claim the expenses by depreciating it over its useful life.

Home Updates for Medical Purposes

Do you need to renovate your home space to accommodate medical equipment or mobility for a special-needs person? These are considered home improvements for medical needs and can be tax-deductible. 

Examples of remodeling projects that may qualify include widening the doorways, ramps installation, lowering kitchen countertops and cabinets and installing grab bars, railings, and stair lifts—IRS has an entire list of improvements that qualify.  

Home Improvement Related to Heating and Insulation

Is a new HVAC system tax deductible? Yes, you can qualify to claim up to 22% because Uncle Sam loves it when you make upgrades related to energy efficiency and will reward you for it. Some tax-deductibles home improvements that qualify under this category include solar roof installation, energy-efficient HVAC, windows, water heaters, and biomass stove installation. 

Notably, these heating and insulation-related improvements qualify for tax credits for an old property.

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