Avoiding Dumpster Rental Overage Fees in Los Angeles

A dumpster can greatly help when working on a home cleanout, remodeling, or construction project. A convenient bin close by to dump junk, construction, and demolition garbage can be a cost-effective option. While you can be sure about the overall dumpster rental fees, there are some exceptions where paying extra fees is a must. The extra fee that you might have to pay is known as dumpster rental overage fees. Understandably, paying additional costs can be a liability, and no one likes to deal with that, especially when you have extensive projects. Below are excellent tips to avoid dumpster rental overage fees in Los Angeles. 

Smart ways to avoid dumpster rental overage fees in Los Angeles

Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees is the smartest way to stay within budget and complete your project on schedule. Working with an experienced waste crew can be the key to dodging many pitfalls. American Reclamation takes pride in providing affordable dumpster rentals in the greater Los Angeles area. Whether you’re decluttering an estate, apartment, or landscaping, we’ve got dependable dumpsters for reasonable fees. 

Go with the right size dumpster.

The first thing to review when shopping for a dumpster is the size. Roll-off dumpster size is the capacity, often in cubic yards, that determines the amounts of debris it can hold. There are several sizes ranging from three to forty cubic yards. If you take a container smaller than can accommodate your debris, you risk loading excess debris. Again, renting a bigger roll-off container than you need means you’ll pay more for un-utilized space. 

Picking the right-size container can be complicated, so we recommend speaking with our customer support. You can select and complete your order if you know the right construction dumpster size for your project. American Reclamation provides dumpsters for 10, 25, 30, 35, and 40-cubic yards.

Understand the acceptable junk

Any prohibited debris in a dumpster can attract a penalty, meaning it’ll cost you extra money. Municipalities have guidelines on solid waste disposal, and often, there are special arrangements for hazardous waste. You can avoid overage fees by asking your Los Angeles dumpster rental about acceptable debris.

Don’t overload or overfill the container.

Moving an overloaded container can be impossible—it is more challenging when you have trash sticking out of the container. Understand the rentals policy on overloading and overfilling to avoid extra fees—request for the cost estimate per ton over the set weight cap. 

Load the container neatly, especially if you’re disposing of haphazard material. Stacking debris neatly ensures you utilize the available capacity and no junk sticks out of the fill line. 

avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Los Angeles

Don’t keep the container longer than the rental period.

Renting a dumpster means keeping it on your project site for a limited time. It can be a three-day rental, two weeks, or a month, but your hauler will come for the container on schedule. Overstaying with the dumpster rental without communication can inconvenience your provider and ultimately charge you for that. Return your dumpster on time to avoid pro-rated per-day dumpster fees once your rental time elapses. Alternatively, you can contact your hauler beforehand if you need a rental extension.

Eliminate obstructions before dumpster placement or pick up

Another way to avoid dumpster overage fees is ensuring your hauler can easily access the job site when dropping off and picking up the container. Things like trees, power lines, buildings, or other vehicles can render your site inaccessible, meaning rolling off or retrieving the dumpster is challenging. Most can charge more to cover the time and labor wasted.

Rent local Los Angeles dumpster rental

When you need to order a dumpster in Los Angeles, you know who to contact, and that is American Reclamation. Create a personalized service and get nothing short of excellent customer service. 

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