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2021 Calabasas Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Do you want to create a show-stopping kitchen? The kitchen is the heartbeat of a home, and the demand for an aesthetically appealing kitchen is more than ever. And not only that, remodeling your kitchen in Calabasas can add value to your home. According to statistics by Remodeling, a minor kitchen update can cash in up to 77.6% of the total costs. However, when it comes to dollar for dollar, you need to carefully consider the things you want to renovate around your kitchen. Below are trendy and show-stopping 2021 Calabasas kitchen remodeling ideas. 

Why Calabasas Kitchen Remodeling Is Right for You

1. Replace your kitchen sinks with a single large sink

Are you looking to maximize your space in the kitchen and create more prep areas? Replacing your double bowl with a single kitchen sink may be the best kitchen remodeling idea. If you need more sink space to wash your pots and pans conveniently, then a single large sink is it. 

The benefits of a single bowl kitchen sink are that it helps you create more countertop space, can accommodate large pots and pans, is easy to maintain, less expensive, and is easy to install a faucet on. So if you want to save counter space, add a spacious sink and save on kitchen remodeling costs, you can choose to install a single large sink.  

2. Consider open shelving

Open shelving is one of the smart features in the modern-day kitchen. You can try open kitchen shelves if you are looking for a cost-effective kitchen remodeling idea for your kitchen in Calabasas. An open kitchen shelf is convenient and makes it easy for you to grab whatever you need quickly. 

Also, this type of kitchen shelf is excellent if you want to show off your latest cookware collection. You can organize the kitchen collection neatly on the shelves for display.

What’s more? Open shelving is excellent if you need to fill up unused spaces in your kitchen. And that means you may not need to remove your kitchen cabinets. 

3. Install a kitchen backsplash touching the ceiling

The kitchen backsplash is one place that takes the most heat—and, well, the cold—in the kitchen. And that means it is subject to wear and tear. You can take your kitchen backsplash a top-notch higher by fixing it from countertop to ceiling. 

If you are dealing with a small backsplash area, you can take it from the countertop to the ceiling for a more refined look. With a full backsplash, it means that you have less to no wall space to collect dust. 

4. Add a kitchen island.

The creativity around a kitchen island is endless. If your kitchen could use some extra prepping area or storage space, then you can consider building a kitchen island. 

A kitchen island provides the extra space you need for appliances, cooking preparations, seating area, storage space, and much more. It can be an excellent spot for your oven, sink, cabinets, and other kitchen outlets.

Calabasas kitchen remodeling ideas

5. Create a waterfall edge countertop

Are you tired of your good-old countertop? A waterfall edge countertop is another brilliant kitchen remodeling idea you can try in your kitchen. This kitchen countertop makes a 90-degree turn at the edge and flows down to touch the floors. 

Waterfall countertop edge provides a mix of durability and beautiful kitchen aesthetics.  

6. Add a speed oven

Another brilliant 2021 kitchen remodeling idea is to go for the state-of-the-art tech for kitchen appliances. And that means installing appliances like the high-speed oven. 

A high-speed oven has more than one component like the oven, grill, and convection component to make your cooking faster and easier. You can transform your kitchen with this appliance and cut your cooking time.  

7. Replace cabinet doors.

With all the frequent opening, closing, and banging of cabinet doors, these components suffer a great deal from wear and tear. And this means that changing your cabinet doors is another remodeling idea you may want to do for your kitchen. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to replace the cabinet doors or install brand new cabinets.


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