Preventing Food Waste in Los Angeles

Are you looking for ways to be preventing food waste in Los Angeles? Did you know that 4,000 pounds of food go to waste every day? The food scraps at home plus the veggies and fruit waste produced by grocery stores make up these colossal amounts. Restaurants also contribute a percentage of food waste. 

Food waste can cause detrimental impacts on the environment and the ozone layer, causing global climate change. The methane it produces is 84 times more toxic than carbon dioxide. Not to mention, many people are food insecure and could benefit if we can prevent food waste.

Thankfully, preventing food waste in Los Angeles is doable. A large percentage of it is edible food that can feed people in need, provide food for animals or create rich soils. Keep reading to understand how you can solve the food waste problem and create zero waste. 

How can you solve the food waste problem?

There are proven ways to help you reduce food waste, and this includes monitoring and identifying areas creating food waste in your life.

Preventing food waste in Los Angeles in your home

One of the best ways to eliminate food waste is to track and sealing the loopholes. Food can spoil due to buying them in excess and poor storage. You can prevent food in your household by creating a meal, prepping, and storage plan. Identify the meals that you and your family enjoy and buy them. 

Creating a meal plan and a shopping list reduces the chances of buying food you’re not likely to eat. You can plan a week’s worth of meals and buy the ingredients to last for that period. Check the freezer and the fridge if there is any food you can eat before heading to the grocery store. Shopping for food weekly can reduce the number of food products you buy at a go and ultimately reduce food waste. 

preventing food waste in Los Angeles  

Use good storage to make your food last longer.

Poor food storage is one of the biggest causes of food waste. Perishable food, for instance, can go bad pretty quickly if you don’t keep them properly. Ensure that you have good storage for your food to avoid food spoilage.

Put your vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness. Also, keep your dry grains in air-tight and labeled containers for easy identification. Also, understand the ripening process of fruits and store them accordingly. 

Create delicious meals from leftovers

Do you end up with leftover food after a meal? Don’t discard them just yet. The leftover food at your home or after eating at a restaurant can be valuable. Pack them in a food container and label them. You can make delicious meals for the next day from leftovers and prevent food waste. 

If you have leftover food after eating out at a restaurant, you can request a to-go container to pack the food. Whip up mashed potato apple cider donuts from leftover mashed potatoes. You can also make yummy soup from leftover turkey and vegetables. 

Don’t throw away the food scraps, too! Potato peels, for instance, can make delicious crunchy potato chips. You can cook what you can consume at once if you don’t like dealing with leftover food.

Donate your surplus food

Food insecurity is a serious issue, and your food donation can ensure that needy people get a hot meal on their tables. In 2020, 34% of LA households lacked enough healthy food. Find donation centers, soup kitchens, and communities nearby that take food donations.

Check out non-profits like LA Food Bank and Jewish Family Service LA.

How do you dispose of food waste in Los Angeles?

If you have food waste in LA or are looking for ways to divert it from landfills, you can reach out to American Reclamation. We have information for food waste and many other waste services. Contact us today!

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